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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Meadowlands Stadium

Jets Fan Fireman Ed Holds His Ground

We’ve already told you that we feel the Jets and Giants should have been allowed to open the regular season against one another in New Meadowlands Stadium.  While the NFL kept that from happening, they gave the two teams the chance to be the first two to play in the new stadium, albeit in a…Read More

Call the Wambulance: New Jersey Gov. Whining About Super Bowl 48

No matter what you do, you can’t keep everyone happy.  Just ask the Tampa Bay officials and residents who lost their bid for Super Bowl 48 to New York — oops, I mean New Jersey.  My mistake.  Apparently referring to Super Bowl 48 as a “New York Super Bowl” pisses some people off, one of…Read More

Cold Super Bowl in New Jersey Is for the True Fans

On Tuesday, the NFL team owners announced that Super Bowl 48 would be held in the new $1.6 billion home of the the New York Giants and the New York Jets — Meadowlands Stadium. The Giants play the first regular season game in the new stadium on Sept. 12 (something I’m sure the Jets are…Read More

Super Bowl on the Verge of Getting Chilly

A new era of Super Bowl play is on the verge of being secured.  Actually, I guess you could say an old tradition is on the verge of returning to the NFL.  With each passing day, it seems more and more certain that America’s most prominent sporting event is once again headed for potentially harsh…Read More

Giants and Jets Should Have Opened Up New Stadium Against Each Other

The New York Jets and the New York Giants both wanted to be the first to play in their new home, Meadowlands Stadium. Unfortunately, their fate was decided for them by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell via a coin flip. The almighty coin decided that the Giants would play the first game in the new stadium…Read More

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