Michael Beasley Sacked by the LBS Nut Bag for Speeding, Weed Possession

If there’s anything to be said about timing, Michael Beasley knew what he was doing when he was cited for possession of marijuana after being pulled over for speeding last week in Minnesota.  Officers found a little more than a half-ounce of weed in his car — grass he said belonged to a friend — and Beasley was cited and released.

While he is still more than worthy of being sacked by the LBS Nut Bag like his peers before him, Beasley picked a perfect time to get caught.  Since the NBA is currently amidst a lockout, there is no substance abuse policy in place as NBA spokesman Tim Frank pointed out to the Sun Sentinel on Thursday.  While the NFL has implied it will still punish players following the lockout for breaking league rules during the lockout, it is unclear whether or not they will legally be able to do so.  In other words, until the labor agreement is worked out professional athletes have no one to run from but the police.

Photo Credit: IamaGM.com

Michael Beasley Has One Sweet Fro

michael-beasley-afroNearly two months ago, Heat forward Michael Beasley took his braids out to reveal a massive ‘fro. To the best of my knowledge, he never played in a game with his hair free-flowing like that. Until Saturday. The Heat hosted the Bobcats but lost by 10, 107-97. Beasley had 14 points including a sweet dunk over half of Charlotte’s team (video below). Before we get into the game, we must discuss the most pressing issues — hair style. Beasley’s finely groomed afro is easily the best the league’s seen since Josh Childress. Maybe it’s an issue of aerodynamics that more players don’t sport the full head of hair in bball but I’d like to see it return. There’s no doubt at this point that Beasley is tops in the league for at least one category while Childress is in Greece. And here’s the video of Michael Beasley dunking on the Bobcats as previously referenced:

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Michael Beasley Delivers on Guarantee

To watch Michael Beasley play is amazing. I raved similarly last year about Kevin Durant, and that’s turned out pretty well. Beasley is incredible to watch; he’s the nation’s leading rebounder who, oh by the way, also happened to go 4-for-4 from long distance Wednesday night against Kansas. This guy is awesome. If you haven’t seen the double-double machine play, you must. And best part of all, not only is he cocky and confident, but he also delivers. Prior to Wednesday night’s clash between K-State and KU (comments made in the pre-season I believe), Beasley had this to say:

“We’re going to beat Kansas at home. We’re going to beat them their house. We’re going to beat them in Africa. Wherever we play, we’re going to beat them,” he has said.

Well, one up and one down so far. Now he needs to win at KU as well. If that happens, I say we get a movement going to ship these fools out to Africa for a freaking game. The Rumble in the Jungle, baby. But getting back to it, you have to watch Beasley play if you haven’t yet — he’s awesome and he’s earned the right to talk.