Jacoby Jones gives Michele Tafoya a wink and a ‘Thank you, gorgeous’ (Video)

Jacoby Jones was understandably in a good mood on Sunday night after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Like the victory, Jones’ stat line wasn’t exactly pretty. He caught only two passes for one yard, but he did score the Ravens’ only touchdown of the game on a 63-yard punt return in the first quarter.

Then, Jones decided to embarrass himself in his postgame interview. NBC’s Michele Tafoya congratulated the wideout for the victory after a short interview, to which he responded, “Thank you, gorgeous.” To make matters worse, he tossed in an incredibly corny wink.

It wasn’t cool when Cam Newton called a reporter sweetheart and it’s not cool for Jones to call a female sideline reporter gorgeous. Some will argue that it’s a compliment, but I see it as condescending — as I’m sure Tafoya did. A simple “thank you” would have done.

Video via @JimmyTraina

Michele Tafoya Stiffarmed by Jim Harbaugh, Horse Collars Andrew Luck

One of the worst aspects of watching the Orange Bowl was seeing a television production focused on Jim Harbaugh’s future as much as the game at hand. The constant speculation of where the Stanford coach will go and what quarterback Andrew Luck will do detracted from the enjoyment of watching the second-half clinic put on by Stanford. Perhaps it’s fitting that Harbaugh caught ESPN reporter Michele Tafoya with quite the stiffarm after the game. It’s ok — Tafoya made up for it with her horse collar rundown of Andrew Luck. Check out the video:

Mike Tirico picked up on the sequence noting that Tafoya was showing off her 40-time with the chase down of Luck. I feel badly that she was stuck in that position of having to ask the question. I feel worse for guys like Harbaugh and Luck who couldn’t enjoy the fine moment they had earned because the media was too concerned about their next step. As for our thoughts on where Harbaugh lands, here you go.

Kevin Garnett Hits on Michele Tafoya

I’ve already made it pretty clear what I think (or don’t think) of sideline reporters. It’s not necessarily them that I don’t like, it’s just that I don’t like their role. The don’t serve a purpose. Why did we need Tafoya interrupting a moment where Kevin Garnett should be celebrating with his teammates and family? It was so forced. About the only thing good to come out of it was when KG said “Michelle, you look good tonight, girl.” Check it out the video at the 2:45 mark, it’s priceless.

Much like when you’ve had too much to drink, things must just come out when you’re hyped from winning an NBA title. Of course I wouldn’t know, I’m just guessing. That was bad, but nothing can be worse than this. Video courtesy of Awful Announcing. Did you even have to ask?