Manny Pacquiao Reportedly Will Fight Miguel Cotto June 9th

Manny Pacquiao’s next fight reportedly will be a rematch against Miguel Cotto on June 9th in Las Vegas, according to Lem Satterfield of The Ring. Satterfield says the fight will likely take place at either the Thomas & Mack Center or the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao beat Cotto in November, 2009 by 12th round TKO, but that fight took place at a 145-pound catch weight, two pounds below the welterweight maximum. Cotto has won three fights since then, all at 154 pounds. Pac Man has remained at the welterweight level and the fight may require Cotto to come back down to 147.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum was said to be choosing from Cotto, Lamont Peterson, Timothy Bradley, and Juan Manuel Marquez for Manny’s next fight. Marquez, who lost to Pacquiao in November, is likely to face Peterson, who is coming off a controversial win over Amir Khan. The winner of that fight could face Manny next.

If you’re wondering how this all fits into the Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather Jr. context, get ready to get upset. Bob Arum said Manny wouldn’t be ready to for a May 5th fight because he wasn’t allowed to begin sparring until April because of a wound that needs to heal. Yet somehow he’ll be ready to fight five weeks later. Right, that really makes a lot of sense.

UPDATE: Miguel Cotto has denied the report, saying “Do not pay attention to rumors. I have not made any decision yet nor reached any deal regarding my next fight. At the appropriate time, I will directly be announcing my next fight. I am discussing and analyzing options with my team.”

Even if Cotto denies the report, Satterfield has proven to be a trusted reporter when it comes to Bob Arum fighters. We take the report to indicate that this is who Top Rank wants Manny to face.

Picture: Antonio Margarito’s Swollen Eye Results in TKO Loss to Miguel Cotto

Antonio Margarito lost his rematch with Miguel Cotto Saturday night at Madison Square Garden when the fight was stopped and declared a TKO after the 9th round. As you can see in the picture above, Margarito’s right eye was swollen shut, leading to the stoppage. As bad as his eye looked following nine rounds of blows from Cotto, it still wasn’t as bad as it was after the loss to Manny Pacquiao. Remember how bad his eye looked then? This was nothing.

For some reason, Margarito felt it was necessary to say after the fight that Cotto was hitting like a girl. Right Antonio, keep dreaming.

It was sweet revenge for Cotto who lost to Margarito in 2008 when it was suspected the Mexican fighter used illegal loaded gloves.

“I felt extra motivation. I was vindicated,” Cotto said after the fight. “You can see my face now and how I got out of ring in 2008. Draw your own conclusions.”

The Puerto Rican is now 37-2 with 30 career KOs. Margacheato is 38-8 and has lost 3 of his last 4 fights. Justice prevails.

Picture Credit: Chris Farina/Boxing Insider

Ricardo Mayorga Loses to Miguel Cotto After Dislocating Thumb, Retires

Ricardo Mayorga hung with Miguel Cotto for 11 rounds of their bout Saturday evening in Las Vegas before succumbing in the 12th. The Nicaraguan mauler gave Cotto everything he had but got his hand caught as the fighters exchanged hooks and got his thumb dislocated. Mayorga was knocked down on the exchange by Cotto, beat the count, but later told the referee he could not continue.

The initial reaction from fans was that Mayorga quit in the fight, but we later learned he dislocated his thumb on the exchange. Steve Kim at Max Boxing was all over the injury, observing that “It looks like Mayorga may have dislocated his left arm in that exchange. He calls the fight off because of it.” It turned out that Mayorga dislocated his thumb, saying post-fight “I felt my thumb touch the back of my hand. I hate the way this fight ended.” The judges all had Cotto up 107-102 (eight rounds to three) at the time of the TKO.

After the fight, Mayorga announced in his interview that he planned to retire. Mayorga is 38 years old, had taken two years off from ’08-’10, and is now 1-1 since returning. He’s now 29-8 in his career, still a showman, but maybe feels like he’s had enough. I’m guessing the injury and loss contributed to his feeling and I wouldn’t hold him to his word. He may change his view in time.

Cotto Crushed Zab, Fight of the Year?

That’s how it’s already being billed, by both Dan Rafael of ESPN and Doug Fischer of Maxboxing. My man Super Judah got his ass kicked by Miguel Cotto, suffering a knock down in the 11th, followed by a TKO shortly thereafter. In fact, Cotto hurt Zab so bad in the fight, that Judah had to take a knee in the eight round — literally. He went down in the eighth to avoid more punishment, receiving an eight-count from the ref before stepping back up. Rafael describes more of the beat-down:

By the 10th round, Judah was bleeding from a cut over his right eye and being wobbled regularly. Cotto hurt him with an uppercut that sent him retreating to the ropes. But Judah stayed upright and pounded his chest at Cotto.

Early in the 11th, Cotto nailed him with a combination and Judah went down again. He managed to get to his feet, but Cotto could sense the end. He attacked Judah, turning him sideways along the ropes as he continued to fire. That forced referee Arthur Mercante Jr. to stop the fight, sending the crowd — the Garden’s largest for a fight since the 1999 Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield heavyweight championship — into bedlam.

That’s 25 KOs in 30 fights (all wins) for Cotto. And the two drew quite some numbers, largely because of Cotto’s Puerto Rican following, and Judah’s Brooklyn roots. Cotto’s impressive record and punching power makes him a perfect candidate to take on Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. That would be a fantastic fight getting me as amped as I was to see Mayweather take on De La Hoya. Unfortunately as Kevin Iole describes it at Yahoo! Sports, the fight’s unlikely to happen. Why should Mayweather risk a beating for a smaller pay day? It’s just not worth the risk for him. Of course if boxing fans had their way, Pretty Boy would do it to please the minions. And that would be just lovely by me.

(photo credit Maxboxing)