Mo Williams gets into it with Troy Daniels after Game 4 (Video)

Mo Williams Troy DanielsMo Williams, perhaps empowered by a big 3-pointer he made in the final seconds of regulation to put Portland up by 1 against Houston on Sunday, got into it with Rockets rookie Troy Daniels after the Blazers’ 123-120 win in overtime of Game 4.

Williams could be seen walking up to Daniels after the game ended and getting close enough to the point that he bumped Troy on the shoulder. He obviously said something to Daniels, because the youngster said something back.

A smiling Williams was pulled away by his teammates.

Williams needs to keep himself in check. Sure, he made a big 3-pointer with 18 seconds left, but he was only 3-of-11 and 1-of-6 on threes in the game. Daniels had 17 points in 21 minutes, including a 4-of-5 performance from long range. He also made three clutch free throws in overtime.

If Daniels wants to get revenge on Williams, he should have just reminded Mo of how he choked in the 2009 Eastern Conference finals with the Cavs, allowing Dwight’s Magic to beat Cleveland.

Mo Williams upset with Bill Simmons for saying Jazz need a point guard

Beware, media members: If you question Mo Williams’ abilities, he may be listening, and he will be ready to fire back.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons analyzed the Utah Jazz before the Miami Heat-Los Angeles Clippers game aired on ESPN Friday, and one of his comments was that Utah needed a new point guard. Williams, who plays point guard for the Jazz, heard Simmons’ comment and didn’t care for it. He responded via his Twitter account:

Someone should remind Williams that he has been out since hurting his thumb in a Dec. 22 game against Miami. Should Simmons have factored Williams into the mix when the guy had surgery? Maybe, but it’s not like Simmons’ analysis is off. Utah has been running Jamaal Tinsley and Alec Burks out there. Besides, the reality about Williams is that he is a decent fill-in guy if you need a point guard, but he’s not a long-term solution.

I will say this in Mo’s favor: thanks to Twitter, guys have the ability to respond to critics immediately. Remember in November we saw another athlete similarly respond to a writer?

Video: Mo Williams Mistakenly Introduced as Chauncey Billups by PA Announcer

Clippers PA announcer David Courtney was so excited about the team’s new lineup, he forgot to make an adjustment Friday while doing introductions. Chauncey Billups, who played the first two games at shooting guard, missed the game because of a groin injury. Mo Williams replaced him in the starting lineup. One problem: Courtney introduced Mo as Chauncey.

Here’s the video:

Mo played 32 minutes and scored 13 points in a 114-101 loss to the Bulls. After that performance, you can bet LA wishes Chauncey had been in the lineup.

Courtney shouldn’t worry; the blunder by this PA announcer a few weeks ago was much worse.

Mo Williams’ Twitter Account Hacked by LSU Fan

Clippers point guard Mo Williams appeared to have his Twitter account hacked on Tuesday. Mo tweets fairly often, but he hadn’t tweeted for about a day and a half until a flurry of tweets were sent from his account Tuesday evening.

At first it appeared that Mo was trying to arrange a hookup with some women through Twitter. It later became pretty clear that Mo, who went to Alabama, was hacked by an LSU fan. Check out the tweets sent from his account (read from the bottom up):

Those LSU tweets, not to mention the barrage of messages sent, made it pretty obvious that he was really hacked. We’re guessing the hack was retribution for this.

Hey Mo, welcome to the hacked Twitter club. You have plenty of company.

Good catch by Black Sports Online

Mo Williams: Derek Fisher Is the Hines Ward of the NBA

The Lakers beat the Clippers on Friday night at Staples Center 112-104. Center Chris Kaman was ejected at the end of the game after setting a pick on Lakers point guard Derek Fisher, whom he felt came up too high while fighting through it. The two got into an argument and Kaman reportedly said he’ll see Fisher in the parking lot afterwards.

Kobe was asked for his response after the game and said the NBA was full of fake tough guys (like Chris Bosh). He then made a crack about Kaman fighting with a bow and arrow. The whole mini-feud was actually becoming mildly amusing before Mo Williams played the trump card on twitter Saturday.

Williams wrote “If yall didn’t know, D Fish is the Hines Ward of the NBA. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. But don’t let that nice guy fool u.”

In case you don’t understand the reference, Hines Ward is often called the dirtiest player in the NFL. Mo is exactly right. Fisher comes off as a well spoken, friendly guy with a smile, but he really is a guy who loves initiating contact. If you don’t agree, just look at this and compare it to this and then let me know what you think. Looks pretty similar to me.

Mo Williams Chimes in on LeBron

Mo Williams has decided to share his thoughts about LeBron James‘ departure from Cleveland via Twitter — the NBA’s favorite communication medium.  I have to say, it’s refreshing to see a member of the Cavs organization react somewhat rationally to the situation.  That certainly wasn’t the case with Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, as we all know after reading his instant classic of a letter to the fans.  We didn’t see it from their jersey-burning fans either, who are understandably upset.  Here’s Mo Williams’ reaction to LeBron James signing with the Heat, courtesy of The Sporting Blog:

Well f—, I gotta be honest. I’m sick as a dog. I feel like my heart has been pulled out. But I’m happy for my friend. S———

The only thing, and I mean the only thing I disagree with is…. If he knew somewhere else was the destination. He should have spared cle On national tv. But this was history so we might not understand the magnitude today. But when we look back on this, we might not Never see this again.

I know we all angry, mad, disappointed. But remember that’s a triple double walking. Let’s pray he have a change of heart 2nite. It is the The night of the unexpected. Who am I kidding

I’m still can’t believe he gone y’all. 4real no bs. I think we all took it for granted and thought it was a nobrainer and he was resighning

The person that I feel most sorry for is mike brown. He is a really good coach.

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Great Time for Mo Williams’ First Dunk

Mo Williams had played 150 regular season and 19 playoff games with the Cavs but there’s one thing he hadn’t done with the team until Saturday night: dunk. LeBron James was aware of that and always told him something that turned out to be prescient: “I told Mo a long time ago if he ever dunked in a game it was going to spark us like we haven’t been sparked before. Not only did it fire the team, it fired himself up.” Mo Williams took a ball in transition and decided to go up to slam over Paul Pierce and it ignited the team in Game 1. Here’s the video of Mo Williams’ first dunk for the Cavs on Paul Pierce in the playoffs:

That Williams dunk sparked the Cavs and they went on a 43-24 run to close out the game from that point on. Immediately after that dunk, something changed for the Cavs and they became ignited to play stronger defense and better on offense. The Cavs better hope Williams has more tricks up his padded sleeve because if he’s not playing well they’re not reaching the NBA Finals. He has a lot of work to do to atone for his 31% shooting against the Magic in the Conference Finals last year and he’s starting off in the right way.

Elbow doesn’t slow down James as Cavaliers rally for Game 1 win [AP/ESPN]