LeBron James Left Off Nine MVP Ballots

Derrick Rose won the NBA’s MVP Award in a landslide vote making him the youngest MVP Award winner in league history. Dwight Howard finished second, LeBron James was third, and Kobe and Kevin Durant rounded out the top five. Perhaps the most stunning aspect of the voting — aside from Rose taking 93% of the first place votes — is that LeBron James was left off nine ballots.

That’s right, nine people didn’t think LeBron was a top five most valuable player in the league this year. Three people felt the same way about second-place finisher Dwight Howard. You can see the results of the voting below:

The people who didn’t have LeBron or Dwight on their ballots should have their votes revoked. How can you have followed the NBA this year and not felt those two men were top five players? LeBron was the back-to-back league MVP and his skills certainly did not diminish this season. His scoring was down by three points but the rest of his production was the same and he was still the most efficient player in the league.

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Derrick Rose is an MVP Candidate, Just Ask Him

According to ESPNChicago.com, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose believes he should be in the discussion for NBA MVP this season. Rose’s stats aren’t eye-popping, but they’re very good. He ‘s averaging 23.9 points, 8.5 assists and 4.8 rebounds per game. His numbers are certainly solid enough to put him in the conversation during a season in which no one has established themselves as a clear-cut front-runner.

Two-time reigning MVP LeBron James’ numbers are down slightly from the last two seasons, though still impressive. He’s currently averaging 24.4 points, 7.3 assists and 6.7 rebounds per game, but it would be hard to argue that James means as much to the Heat as Rose does to the Bulls, which for many is the number one criteria for the award. The same goes for James’ teammate, Dwyane Wade. His numbers are MVP caliber, but Wade is surrounded with top talent which makes it tougher for him to stick out.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant leads the league in scoring with 28.3 points per game. His 6.3 rebounds per game are solid, but he’s averaging just 3.1 assists. Durant is a definite candidate mainly because of his scoring, but like Rose he has the advantage of being the driving force behind a team’s success.

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