Ned Yost almost got arrested by Kansas City Chiefs security

Ned YostNed Yost had an eventful day on Tuesday. The Kansas City Royals manager says security swarmed him when he was taking a jog nearby where the Kansas City Chiefs practice at the Truman Sports Complex.

“I almost got arrested for taking a peek at the Chiefs doing their minicamp,” Yost said per The Kansas City Star. “They surrounded me with security. I’m not going to sell any secrets. They were fine once they figured out who I was.”

Yost apparently was going to pop in and say hello to new Chiefs coach Andy Reid when the site of helmeted players caught his eye. He said he stopped to see what was going on and security go on him quickly.

In addition to the brush with Chiefs security, The Star says Yost had to submit a random drug test for MLB before the team’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

So let me get this straight: Yost was nearly arrested, drug tested, and his team has lost six in a row and 10 of 11? It ain’t easy in KC.

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Ned Yost and Jeff Foxworthy are hunting buddies, killed over 100 deer last year

If you’re a comedian who has killed over 100 deer in a season with your baseball manager buddy, you might be a redneck. Fortunately this is a tale involving Jeff Foxworthy, so it’s one of the few times where it’s safe to use arguably the corniest punchline in history. Foxworthy and Royals manager Ned Yost are hunting buddies, and they estimate that they killed roughly 127 deer together last year. America.

According to the Kansas City Star, Foxworthy owns a 3,000-acre piece of land that is just 18 miles from Yost’s Rising Stock Farm. The two are big hunting enthusiasts, and they make good use of their hobby. Yost says they killed around 27 deer on his property and another 100 or so on Foxworthy’s land this past hunting season. They clean, process, and butcher the deer themselves and then donate most of the meat to food banks and church groups. They even name some of the deer.

“You’ve got to be a special deer to get a name,” Yost said.

One was named “Bo” after Bo Jackson because Yost says he was elusive and difficult to catch. Several others that Yost and Foxworthy have named Herschel Walker, Spider-Man, and Batman have yet to be captured.

At least they donate the winnings to a good cause, right? Yost says the two drink beers together, talk about life, and hang out like any other best friends would. Sounds like a match made in heaven. The deer probably disagree.

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Ned Yost Should Take Blame for No-No

I’m not one to take a leak on another man’s greatest accomplishment, but that’s exactly what I’ll be doing here. Justin Verlander’s good, actually really good. But he did not have to be no-hitter good on Tuesday night. The probability that he would have held the Brewers to no hits could’ve been lowered. And dare I say avoided. See, when I look at the boxscore for the game, something stands out to me almost as much as the actual no-hitter — the Brewers lineup. Take a look at it:

Sorry to say it, but Milwaukee can field a better lineup than that. Come on, Craig Counsell and Tony Graffanino hitting one and two? Phil Garner’s 7th and 8th spot of Adam Everett and Brad Ausmus are laughing at that top of the lineup. Plus, Yost gave third baseman Ryan Braun the day off. Braun has been arguably Milwaukee’s best hitter since his callup a few weeks ago, making Tuesday night’s day off ill-timed. Additionally, Yost used Gabe Gross for the DH spot, leaving the great Kevin Mench on the bench, another poor choice if you ask me.

Hey, it may seem like I’m nit-picking here, but I really feel like this whole situation could’ve been avoided if Yost did a better job of choosing his lineup. Then again, if every important baseball decision were left up to me, then these poor men would be out of jobs. So I guess it’s kind of like my community service or something. In the end, I’ll say it was an impressive no-no for Verlander that could have been avoided.

Oh, what do you know? It’s Doug Melvin on the phone for a conversation. Sorry guys, don’t expect the morning paper and usual posts until later today, I have an interview to prepare for.