Michael Jordan can still dunk at age 50 (Video)

Michael-Jordan-50-dunkMichael Jordan may be over the hill, but that doesn’t mean the Chicago Bulls legend has completely lost his game. During his annual basketball camp at the University of California last week, His Airness showed that 50 ain’t a death sentence.

As you can see from the video above that SI.com’s Point Forward shared with us, Jordan can still dunk with relative ease. We probably won’t see him taking off from the free throw line and throwing it down at any point in the future, but it’s nice to see a pair of 50-year-old knees holding strong.

If a 43-year-old man can play college basketball and a guy who is in his 90s can lift weights, I don’t see why MJ can’t continue to dunk into his 60s.

43-year-old Brian Rice plays basketball for Geneva College

Brian Rice passed up the opportunity to play Division-II basketball 25 years ago when he decided to join the Navy. He was a promising high school player with a passion for hoops, but Rice felt he wasn’t “mature” enough to attend college. Now 43 years old and retired from the military, the Geneva College walk-on has decided it is never too late.

That’s right, Rice plays basketball for the Geneva (Pa.) College Golden Tornadoes, where he averaged 1.6 points and 1.2 rebounds during his first five games against opponents that are less than half his age.

“I have to ice my knees now and again and sometimes I’ll go over to the ‘Y’ and get in the Jacuzzi but I’ve been able to handle the physical part of this,” Rice told the Beaver County Times. “I’m 43 but I don’t feel 43. I feel a lot younger than that.”

Rice’s high school coach, New Castle’s Ralph Blundo, spoke with Geneva coach Jeff Santarsiero and insisted that they give Rice a chance even though he is a full 25 years older than the average player Santarsiero is used to evaluating.

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93-year-old bodybuilder Charles Eugster is probably in better shape than you (Video)

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Charles Eugster may be 93 years old, but he’s probably stronger and in better shape than you.

Eugster was pretty fit in his youth, but he fell out of shape after spending 30 years as a dentist. As he began to get older, he noticed he was getting fat and decided he wanted to remake his body.

Eugster admits that he is vain, and that was his inspiration to begin training six years ago at age 87. He even has a former Mr. Universe help train him.

“The idea is to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year-old girls on the beach,” he says.

Eugster has won titles for his fitness and medals for his rowing.

The BBC says he did 57 dips, 61 chin-ups, 50 push-ups and 48 abdominal crunches, each in 45 seconds, at a recent competition.

I’ll admit it: That’s better than what I could do. It’s not advised for people his age to do such strenuous activity, which is what makes Eugster such a marvel. This dude is impressive.

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76-year-old Don Wiberg tries out for the Warriors D-League affiliate (Video)

The Golden State Warriors D-League affiliate team, the Santa Cruz Warriors, held an open tryout on Sunday that drew 68 people who are looking to fulfill their dreams of playing professional basketball this year. One of those people was 76-year-old Don Wiberg, who gladly posted the roughly $100 entry fee for a chance to try his luck against a group of 20-somethings.

“I can’t say that I can run, jump or shoot because I can’t,” Wiberg explained during the tryout. “But for a guy who can’t run, jump or shoot I’m a decent passer and I’ll get in there and mix it up. I’m 76 years old and this is the only thing left on my bucket list — to try out for the Santa Cruz Warriors.”

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81-year-old Ed Whitlock sets record for half marathon

Most people think their body will break down when they reach their 80s, but one man is showing us you can still be in peak athletic form in your ninth decade.

81-year-old Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ontario, set the world record for the half marathon in the 80-84 age group with a time of 1:38:59 on Sunday. Whitlock’s time topped the previous world record for the 80+ age group by 29 seconds.

Whitlock, who was running in his hometown’s inaugural Milton Half-Marathon, now holds 13 world records in long-distance running. He has the record for fastest half marathon by a 63, 65, 68, 69, 70, 72, 73, 76, 78, 79, and 81-year-old.

Achieving the 80-84 world record in the half marathon was a surprise for Whitlock, whose training was derailed by a rib injury sustained late last year.

“I slipped on the ice on my front porch in November and that really cut into my training. I didn’t really get going again until mid-summer,” Whitlock told InsideHalton.com. “Even (Sunday), I thought it might be problematic to set the world record. For most of the race I thought my chances were no better than 50-50.”

Whitlock placed 41st overall out of just over 300 half marathon participants.

What makes Whitlock’s story even more incredible is that he was told by a joint specialist in 2008 that his days of running were over because of arthritis in his knees.

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Wild Signs 51-Year-Old Print Shop Owner Paul Deutsch as Emergency Goalie

The Minnesota Wild signed a 51-year-old print shop owner to serve as the team’s emergency goalie Wednesday.

Paul Deutsch runs a screen printing and embroidery store in Richfield (Minn.), and he is a good friend of assistant Mike Ramsey. Deutsch has practiced with the team several times over the past few years when one of the goalies needed a day off. The Wild signed him as their emergency goalie Wednesday because they had limited options.

Starter Niklas Backstrom will miss the game because of personal reasons, so backup Josh Harding will be in net. The Wild summoned Matt Hackett from the minors, but he had to fly from Houston to Minneapolis for the game. Unsure of when Hackett would arrive, the team signed Deutsch to a contract because they were not allowed to sign an emergency goalie with professional experience.

Not only is it impressive that Deutsch was signed as a 51-year-old, but it’s even more impressive to learn that he didn’t even start playing goalie until his thirties. The aged athlete is now in the same class as the 52-year-old boxer, the 49-year-old college swimmer, and the 61-year-old college football player.

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Dewey Bozella to Make Boxing Debut at Age 52 After Being Exonerated of Murder

Imagine spending 26 years in prison for a crime you did not commit.  It could happen to anyone.  When you think about it in simple terms, there is no difference between any of us and 52-year-old Dewey Bozella.  Like all (hopefully) of us, Bozella did not commit murder.  Unlike the rest of us, he had to serve an enormous chunk of his life in prison for no reason.

As told by the New York Times, Bozella had a troubled childhood growing up in New York and came from a violent home.  In 1977 when he was 18 years old, a 92-year-old woman named Emma Crasper was murdered in her Poughkeepsie home.  Six years later, Bozella was convicted of the murder based on the testimonies of two criminals.

There was no physical evidence to support that Bozella was guilty of the crime, but a jury convicted him anyway.  In 1990, he was offered a deal that would let him go free.  In order to be released from prison, Bozella had to admit that he had committed the crime.  When he refused the deal, a jury convicted him once again.

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