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Monday, January 21, 2019

76-year-old Don Wiberg tries out for the Warriors D-League affiliate (Video)

The Golden State Warriors D-League affiliate team, the Santa Cruz Warriors, held an open tryout on Sunday that drew 68 people who are looking to fulfill their dreams of playing professional basketball this year. One of those people was 76-year-old Don Wiberg, who gladly posted the roughly $100 entry fee for a chance to try his luck against a group of 20-somethings.

“I can’t say that I can run, jump or shoot because I can’t,” Wiberg explained during the tryout. “But for a guy who can’t run, jump or shoot I’m a decent passer and I’ll get in there and mix it up. I’m 76 years old and this is the only thing left on my bucket list — to try out for the Santa Cruz Warriors.”

According to Julie Jag of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Wiberg hasn’t played basketball since he gave it up in favor of beach volleyball 20 years ago. He admitted he never made his high school team and said he played one year of basketball at Cal Tech before deciding he was better suited for water polo.

“It’s on my bucket list,” he told Jag. “You know, what the hell.”

Well said. If an 81-year-old runner can set a record for a half marathon, why can’t a 76-year-old run with some young hopefuls for a few hours and showcase all that he has left in the tank. We’ve seen older athletes accomplish some amazing things over the years — why should Wiberg be any different?

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