Ex-Oregon Ducks football player tells obnoxious Oregon fans go f— yourselves

oregon-duckA former Oregon Ducks football player who played in a BCS bowl game for the school attended his first game as a fan last weekend. He watched as Oregon initially struggled with UCLA on Saturday before winning 42-14. The former player was so disgusted by the behavior and attitude of the fans surrounding him that he felt the urge to write a letter to Oregonian columnist John Canzano to rip the fans. Canzano published the text of the letter, which ends with a big FU to the fans.

The letter starts out with the former player talking about how excited he was to receive an invitation from a friend to go watch the game and how much he was looking forward to attending. But as he watched the game, he couldn’t believe all the negativity from the fans surrounding him. They were critical of Heisman Trophy candidate Marcus Mariota, running back DeAnthony Thomas, the offensive line and the coaches. The ex-player complains that he was verbally attacked and says there was nothing but cussing coming from some of the fans.

Then he lowered the boom:

But having been on the outside now, to witness this disgusting display of “support”, I know that I want no (expletive) part of it. I will never attend a duck game as a spectator again. I am disgusted by duck fans and I will sit back and observe from afar with high hopes for the player’s success and understanding of their sacrifice, without having to hear the spoiled woes of ignorant fans.

I will always love the ducks: my coaches, my teammates, my brothers and family. The rest… Go (expletive) yourselves.

You can read the full letter here.

Sounds like quite a disturbing wake-up call for the former player. Does the guy not read all the idiot fan stories we post here at LBS? Does he never listen to callers on sports talk radio, read message boards or letters to the editor? If he did, he’d know that every player sucks, that every coach sucks, and that unless a team is undefeated and winning every game by 40-plus points, they’re lousy. Wait, isn’t Oregon undefeated and killing everyone? Maybe he does have a point.

Study Says When Oregon Football Team is Winning, Male Students’ Grades Suffer

Stop what you’re doing, Oregon. This madness that has resulted in top-notch play from the Oregon Ducks and given the school three straight Pac 10 championships has to end. Why? Because it may be compromising classroom productivity. According to Tampa Bay Online, a recent study done by economists at Oregon University examined the football seasons from 1999-2007. They concluded that when the Ducks were winning during those years, students celebrated more and their grades were lower on average than when the team was doing poorly.

“They drink more when the team wins, they party more when the teams wins, and they study less when the team wins,” professor Jason Lindo explained.

Well, duh. The study found that three extra wins for the Oregon football team in any given year was accompanied by a significant drop in male GPAs.  The drop, they say, could be compared to the students having scored 27 points lower on their SAT exams.  Female students’ grades held up better during the successful seasons.  There was also an 8 percent increase in the gap between male and female GPAs during the seasons in which the Ducks won three extra games above their below-average 5-6 season in 2004.

The three professors who conducted the study looked at a sample size of 30,000 non-athlete students.  Of that sample, 24 percent of the male population said they “probably” or “definitely” decreased study time when the team was doing well as compared to only 9 percent of women. Almost half of the men admitted they increased partying compared to only 28 percent of women.

Normally I would chalk something like this up to pure coincidence, but in this case did we really need a study to tell us that students don’t work as hard when an athletic team is playing well? Do you think anyone was doing homework during the Final Four — or any NCAA tournament for that matter — when I was at UConn?  Let’s not blame college athletics for taking away from college academics. People like sports. That’s all there is to it.

Oregon Ducks Fans ‘O’ Means Vagina in Sign Language

Though many Oregon Ducks fans think they’re supporting their team when they throw up the “O,” they’re actually saying something else in sign language. As many Ducks players will tell you, the O in the spade shape actually means vagina in sign language.

The New York Times reported this finding, and they say 29 players on the team are enrolled in the school’s sign language program as a foreign language. Running back LaMichael James says he stopped doing the O after learning its meaning.

Turns out that’s not the only Oregon sign fans do that refers to our genitalia; LBS contributor A. Liu informed us that some Oregon fans do a “Big Balls Chip” chant as well in reference to head coach Chip Kelly. Here’s a video of that chant:

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