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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Oregon Ducks fans

Oregon Ducks fan has ‘Go Dux’ crown on tooth

With Oregon advancing to college football’s national championship game, it’s understandable Ducks fans everywhere are showing their support at every opportunity. One man took the opportunity to reveal a crown on his tooth with the words “Go Dux” inscribed on it. Getting a tattoo is a popular way to show support for your favorite team….Read More

Study Says When Oregon Football Team is Winning, Male Students’ Grades Suffer

Stop what you’re doing, Oregon. This madness that has resulted in top-notch play from the Oregon Ducks and given the school three straight Pac 10 championships has to end. Why? Because it may be compromising classroom productivity. According to Tampa Bay Online, a recent study done by economists at Oregon University examined the football seasons…Read More

Oregon Ducks Fans ‘O’ Means Vagina in Sign Language

Though many Oregon Ducks fans think they’re supporting their team when they throw up the “O,” they’re actually saying something else in sign language. As many Ducks players will tell you, the O in the spade shape actually means vagina in sign language. The New York Times reported this finding, and they say 29 players…Read More

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