Rashard Mendenhall Clarifies Osama bin Laden Tweets, Leaves out Airplane Part

Running back Rashard Mendenhall was already well known to football fans before the weekend. After bin Laden was killed and Mendenhall made controversial comments about his death on his twitter account, he became infamous amongst non-sports fans.

For nearly a 24-hour span on Tuesday, Mendenhall’s name was atop Google’s chart for most searched term. That’s probably not the way he wanted to become known, but it’s what happened. And now that he’s been roundly criticized and hammered by the public and even his owners, he’s taken to his blog to try and clarify things. Here’s what he wrote:

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Rashard Mendenhall’s Incredibly Ignorant 9/11, Osama bin Laden Tweets

The fact that we live in a world where a few strokes of a keypad can change the entire perception of a person never ceases to amaze me. With social media tools like Twitter at their disposal, athletes and celebrities like Rashard Mendenhall can destroy their public image in less than 140 characters. The ease of the task does not, however, excuse what Mendenhall had to say on his Twitter account Monday night.

After witnessing acts like Phillies fans celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden and college students taking to the streets to party upon hearing the news, Mendenhall decided to share his thoughts on 9/11 and the man who was almost certainly responsible for the attacks.

“What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhall tweeted. “It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side…”

While most of us disagree with that, I suppose it isn’t that bad if you are someone who believes in forgiveness and is against death as a form of punishment.  Fair enough, but what Mendenhall wrote next is truly mind-boggling.

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Osama bin Laden Death Boosts Barack Obama’s Second Term Gambling Odds

When an event occurs in United States history like the one that occurred roughly 24 hours ago, everyone has something to say about it.  Here on LBS alone, we have shown you the ripple effect the news of Osama bin Laden’s death has had on college campuses and at Citizens Bank Park, and even showed you a few pictures of a beat up bin Laden — even if they turned out to be top-notch Photoshop work.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the Crimson Tide faithful dropping a Roll Tide” as if Nick Saban himself were responsible for the heroic mission.

For all you gamblers out there who are already bored with the bin Laden story, this concerns you too.  SI Hot Clicks passed a story along to us from the sports gambling website Covers.com that highlights how the big news has effected the betting world.  For starters, the website Intrade.com, which is designed for investors to buy and sell shares in the outcome of real-world events, had the chances of Osama bin Laden being captured and killed at 4 percent before the news of his death surfaced.  As the news made its way around and Barack Obama addressed the nation, the market had spiked as high as 98% and then finally closed.

Conspiracy theorists are probably asking themselves why betting would close before there is any actual proof, but Intrade’s Exchange Operations Manager explained to Covers.com that “there wasn’t really anyone out there willing to take a position that bin Laden wasn’t dead” once the word was out.

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Pictures: Celebration Across College Campuses After Osama bin Laden News

The reaction to the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed was unlike one the country had seen for years. It was truly one of those “you’ll remember where you were moments” for most people, and the result was exaltation. At Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, the fans chanted USA USA! after hearing the news. Across college campuses in America, there was mass celebration. Radio and TV host Scott Van Pelt tweeted pictures of the atmosphere on several campuses, and here are the best images:

Ohio State, Penn State, West Point, Missouri, Mass St

LSU, Boston College, Delaware, Maryland, EWU

Here are some videos as well.

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Osama bin Laden picture after being killed?

Osama bin Laden was killed on Sunday May 1st. Knowing bin Laden’s reputation for being elusive, many people said they wouldn’t believe the news until they saw a picture of him dead. Well here is a censored version of the rumored picture of Osama bin Laden after he was killed. Keep in mind this is a rumored version, though FOX News says pictures do exist:
UPDATE: These photos are fakes despite how real they look.

Now, here are two uncensored versions of the rumored Osama bin Laden picture:

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Video: Alabama Fan Yells Roll Tide Roll After Osama bin Laden Death

Leave it to an Alabama fan to have the most out-of-place reaction to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death:

What have we learned from this video? When in doubt, Roll Tide. Harvey Updyke would be proud.

Also see video of the fan reaction at the Phillies-Mets game

Video via Clay Travis and @JasBragg

Video: Fans at Phillies-Mets Game React to Bin Laden Death with USA Chants

A priceless reaction by the fans at the Phillies-Mets game upon learning the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death. This perfectly captures the unity of our country and the evolution of technology all in one clip:

All video credit goes to Mock Session.

Also see a video of an Alabama fan reacting to the news with a “Roll Tide Roll”