Ozzie Guillen is tired of his players complaining about the size of Marlins Park

So many things have gone wrong for the Marlins this season that they might as well start blaming the ballpark. At least that’s how some of the players feel about it. The newly-constructed Marlins Park is considered a pitchers ballpark. It measures 344 feet to left, 334 feet to right and has spots that are 386, 418 and 392 between left and right. That is pretty big, but Ozzie Guillen is tired of hearing it used as an excuse.

“We’ve got to deal with the ballpark, and we’re going to be negative coming in here every day, ‘Oh, this ballpark is too big’?” Guillen said Tuesday according to the Palm Beach Post. “We’ve got to play in this ballpark 81 games and I don’t want to hear any more (from) my players, my hitting coach, nobody with this uniform worry about this place (being) too big. If they think this place is too big, let me know. I’ll put somebody else in who can hit bloopers behind shortstop.”

After hitting a 418-foot fly out that could have won the game for the Marlins on Sunday but instead became the final out, John Buck described the fact that the ball didn’t leave the park as “frustrating” and “disheartening.” Teams have been known to move fences in during the offseason to create more homers, but Guillen said that’s not going to happen in Miami.

“‘I can’t hit home runs here.’ Ha, ha,” Guillen said mocking his players. “We are not going to move the fence. That’s it.”

As Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk alluded to, Ozzie may be surprised. He’s probably getting sick of hearing people blame players that have been traded and now the ballpark dimensions for Miami’s disappointing season, but don’t be surprised if the Marlins move some fences in this winter. Long balls sell tickets, and we all know how much trouble they have doing that.

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Ozzie Guillen rips Buster Olney in defense

Ozzie Guillen made a triumphant return to Twitter last week after going three and a half months during the baseball season without sending any tweets. Unsurprisingly, it took just 10 days for him to attack a media member.

Guillen ripped into ESPN baseball writer/analyst Buster Olney after the Marlins shut out the Reds 4-0 on Friday night. He apparently was upset with Olney, who wrote a column on Friday morning regarding Guillen’s future, and according to WQAM radio host Jorge Sedano, accused the Marlins of quitting.

The blizzard of Ozz sent the following tweets following what Guillen felt was a statement win:

The first tweet was pretty self-explanatory, but I need my Ozzie-to-English translator for the second one. Either way, Guillen is attacking Olney in self-defense.

The Marlins had just been swept by the Phillies when Olney said they were done, so beating MLB’s second-best team (according to record) with a shutout meant a lot to Ozzie.

Really, the reason he’s getting so boisterous is because he’s fighting for his job.

Guillen and the Marlins have been a total flop this year, and the team even unloaded players at the trade deadline after acknowledging they were out of the race. Between a last-place finish, and Ozzie’s Fidel Castro comments, the team has plenty of reasons to fire their manager after the season.

Ozzie is trying to keep his players working hard so he can hang onto his job. You have to figure that if the Marlins can him, it might be a while before another team takes a chance on him.

UPDATE: Olney had this response on Twitter

Ozzie Guillen: I need the FBI or DEA to protect Giancarlo Stanton

There are very few pitchers in baseball who look forward to facing young Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton. The 22-year-old outfielder is hitting .292 this season with 22 homers and 66 RBI. Whenever an opponent gets the opportunity to pitch around him, they almost always cash in. This leads to some tricky lineup decisions for Ozzie Guillen, who has recently been criticized for not giving Stanton enough protection.

“I need the (expletive) FBI to protect that guy because anyone on this (expletive) team, he can’t,” Guillen said earlier this week according to the Sun Sentinel. “No one. I need the DEA, the FBI and a swat team to protect him.”

Stanton was intentionally walked twice on Sunday against the Rockies while hitting in front of Donnie Murphy. He was 5-for-12 with three home runs and five RBI in the first three games of the series when hitting in front of Donovan Solano and rookie Rob Brantly. Guillen’s argument is that Murphy is a better hitter than Solano and Brantly, which proves that the so-called “protection” has nothing to do with the outcome.

“Why you not protecting Stanton?” Guillen said. “Wait a minute. Did you see him hit three home runs…and you don’t know who was behind him? Now (Sunday) he walked twice and I think Murphy is a little bit better than Solano and the kid. That’s why people think they know about baseball and they’re full of (expletive). They make a (expletive) excuse to second guess the manager.”

While the person a player is hitting in front of certainly affects the pitches he sees in some way, Ozzie’s point is that it is more situational than anything. If runners are on second and third there’s a good chance Stanton is getting walked regardless of who is on deck. While he may only know how to explain himself in typically graceful Ozzie fashion, I tend to agree with Guillen that people are overreacting.

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Ozzie Guillen: Hanley Ramirez would pimp a home run down 30

Hanley Ramirez ticked off A.J. Burnett when he showboated after hitting a home run on Thursday, and Ozzie Guillen isn’t surprised by his former player’s antics.

“That’s Hanley,” Guillen said of Ramirez, according to The Miami Herald. “[If] Hanley hit a home run down by 30 runs, he would pimp it. That’s the way he is.

“There’s so much [garbage],” Guillen said. “Somebody hits a home run, they put on a show. Somebody strikes out, they put on a show. That’s the way the game is right now.”

Though Guillen isn’t a fan of the celebrations, he can’t really complain.

“I cannot say [anything] because my players do a stupid show,” Guillen said. “They’re a last-place team. They score one run and they [act] like we score 100.”

Though Hanley’s home run on Thursday was crucial because it gave the Dodgers the lead, we wouldn’t put it past him to celebrate up or down by 15. The guy has been guilty of plenty of stupid behavior in the past. This is only part of it.

Between the Marlins’ lo viste, the Brewers’ beast mode, and the Rangers’ antlers, many teams are participating in this trend of celebrating hits. I don’t mind it too much if it’s between teammates, but if you’re directing it at the pitcher the way Hanley did, then it’s disrespectful and a problem.

Some Marlins players reportedly happy to see Hanley Ramirez go

The Marlins first season under Ozzie Guillen has been a disappointment. After building a brand new ballpark and making some significant splashes in free agency during the offseason, nobody expect Miami to turn into sellers at the trade deadline. Now that they have, it makes sense that Hanley Ramirez was the first to go. His career with the Marlins has been a frustrating roller coaster both on the field and off of it. While some of Hanley’s former teammates — including Jose Reyes — said they were sad to see him go, others are reportedly relieved.

According to the Miami Herald, one anonoymous player said a number of people in the organization were happy when Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers.

“There were a lot of smiles,” the player said. “They created a monster from a very good baseball player — gave him so much slack to do whatever the (expletive) he wanted because he was performing.

“You can push some things aside when you’re hitting .340 with 40 home runs. You say ‘He’s a (jerk), but I can deal with it. … But when you’re not playing and you’re trying to be that same (jerk), it starts rubbing people the wrong way.”

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Here’s the autographed Bryce Harper bat Nats sent to Ozzie Guillen (Picture)

Ozzie Guillen got into it with Bryce Harper when the Marlins and Nats played two weeks ago over the amount/height of pine tar on Harper’s bat. As a gag, the Nats got Bryce Harper to autograph a bat, and without his knowledge, added an inscription and gave it to Ozzie Guillen. We were really curious at the time to see what the bat looked like, and now we finally know.

Oney Guillen, one of Ozzie’s sons, uploaded a picture of what he termed “the infamous bat,” to Twitter on Wednesday morning. It’s pretty obvious that the message was written completely differently from the autograph, so it should have been easy for Ozzie to catch on.

This was easily one of the best gags of the season.

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Ozzie Guillen: ‘Baby Hanley’ Ramirez needs to remember to take his medication

A little less than two weeks ago, Hanley Ramirez suffered a very idiotic injury when he punched a cooling fan in the Marlins dugout and cut his hand open. Unfortunately, it was a lapse in judgment that he is still paying for. According to the Palm Beach Post, Ramirez was held out of the lineup on Friday night against Pittsburgh because of an infection he has developed in the same hand.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen says the hand became infected because Hanley forgot to take his antibiotics. Now he is hoping someone will watch his third baseman like a child.

“It’s pretty infected,” Guillen said. “I was kind of worried about it. Hopefully the doctor will find exactly what he needs and make sure baby Hanley takes (it). I will every night ‘open your mouth’ and put it in his mouth.”

Naturally, Guillen called Ramirez a “baby” in a joking manner. Still, he sounded surprised that an adult would need to be reminded to take an important medication.

“How do you forget to take a pill that the doctors (tell you) to take?” Guillen asked.

As his recent comments about Chicago reminded us, Ozzie always has something to say about everything and it isn’t always nice. That being said, it’s easy to understand why this particular injury is so frustrating for him. One of the Marlins’ best players was already banged up because he couldn’t control his temper, and the injury is still a problem because he forgot to take his medication. Those aren’t the types of problems you expect to face when dealing with adults.

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