Did Peter King call Jon Gruden ‘just f—ing nutty’ live on the air (Video)

Peter-KingSports Illustrated’s Peter King made an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday morning to discuss a wide range of topics that included USC’s impending head coaching vacancy and Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak potentially being on the hot seat. During one of those “live look-in” segments where the host and guest are kind of on the air but kind of not, King dropped a classic F-bomb.

“He’s just f—ing nutty,” King told Patrick.

We don’t know for sure who King was referring to, but we have gathered on Twitter that King and Patrick were talking about Jon Gruden and his ESPN QB Camp feature before he made the comment. And as we know, Gruden is pretty nutty. King quickly apologized on Twitter:

What we do know for sure now is that Peter King is just like the rest of us. When the microphone’s off — or so he thinks — he’s not afraid to drop a casual F-bomb. That’s the important takeaway from all of this.

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Jonathan Vilma and Peter King are beefing on Twitter

Jonathan Vilma and Peter King traded a few shots over Twitter Tuesday after King pointed out that the Saints were signing linebackers to prepare for potential bounty suspensions. The Sports Illustrated NFL writer singled out Vilma with this tweet:

King sent the message shortly after the Saints signed linebacker David Hawthorne. Vilma played dumb, responding to King “that u know how to type peoples names??” Vilma then called King a blogger, saying he was doing “reckless journalism.”

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