Greg Oden’s Tonsils Might Keep him out of the Summer League

Just in case his stories from World War II had you doubting, the news that Greg Oden has tonsil problems might be enough to remind you that he really is a kid. In fact, he might need to have his tonsils removed, but he must check with his mom first. From Jason Quick at The Oregonian:

A final decision has not been made – Oden said he wanted to consult his mother first – but it appears likely that Oden will fly to Portland late this week for surgery after he finishes presenting an award Wednesday in a taping of the ESPYs in Los Angeles. Recovery for adults who undergo a tonsillectomy is two weeks.

On Monday, I asked Oden to show me his tonsils, and he obliged. I was so startled, I asked him to show me again. His tonsils are so swollen that only a small passage way – about the size of a green grape – was evident.

“I can’t even tell you … it just hurts,” Oden said “Right now, it’s more of a thing that they are so big, that when I’m running up and down the court, it’s hard for me to breathe. I can’t get any air in there.”

So to answer your life-burning question, yes, large people do have large tonsils. Someone get this poor kid an ice cream cone!

How Long Before Portland Wins an NBA Championship?

I’m not one to jump to conclusions or anything, but, let’s jump to a conclusion. Portland will take Greg Oden. They will take the Ohio St. center, and they will ride him to an NBA title. See, Portland’s slim odds of winning the lottery — 5.3% to be exact — meant they weren’t completely horrendous last year. In fact, they are anything but. The Blazers absolutely cleaned up in the draft last year. They swiped Texas PF LaMarcus Aldridge who was fantastic when he wasn’t hurt, and they complemented him with a sweet draft-day trade for Brandon Roy, who turned out to be the Rookie of the Year. Now all of a sudden, underrated PG Jarrett Jack has some skill players to dish to aside from Zach Randolph. When you realize the Trail Blazers will send out a lineup of Greg Oden, Zach Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, and Jarrett Jack, at many times during the game, you see that they will throw out one of the most vaunted teams size-wise on the court, absolutely annihilating opponents inside.

This type of offense will change the game. Who will be able to matchup against the Blazers with that lineup? Don’t forget, they also have Joel Przybilla who was hurt last year, to rotate in, grab boards, block shots, and commit fouls. This is a young, talented, deep, and big team that will flourish with Greg Oden. So, not to go all Houston Texans/Mario Williams on you, but that leads me to…how long will it take for the Blazers to win a title? When will they win a championship? I don’t think it’s a question of “if.” Rather, it’s a question of when.