Metta World Peace Says the Thunder are the Team to Beat in the West

Regardless of the results from last season, many of us have a tendency to always include the Lakers in the discussion of teams to beat in the West.  This particular Lakers team has been to three NBA Finals and won two championships in the last four years.  However, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the 2011-2012 edition.  They have a new coach, lost one of their best role players in Lamar Odom, and have a seemingly disgruntled Kobe Bryant to deal with.  Pau Gasol is not getting any younger and Andrew Bynum’s health is always a concern.  Perhaps it is reasons like those that inspired Ron Artest Metta World Peace to call the Thunder the team to beat in the West.

“I think probably Oklahoma’s going to be pretty tough,” Artest World Peace said during an interview with 590 The Fan in Toronto. “I think they’re young and they’ve been there before. They have some good, smart players. I think Oklahoma City did a great job of putting together young, good, smart players. They’ve got to have one of the best general managers around.”

The Thunder should certainly be a force to be reckoned with, but the fact that Artest World Peace didn’t take that opportunity to call the Lakers the team to beat either means he knows they have work to do or he is trying to be modest.  Either that, or he was too busy thinking about his teeth to give the question any thought.

While we’re on the subject, the Lakers may also want to keep an eye on the other team from Los Angeles.  I heard they added a couple of new players and look pretty good.

Metta World Peace Thanks Jesus We Lose Our Teeth When We’re Young (Video)

You know how there have been a few times where I swear I’m not getting lazy and insist I just have nothing to say about what I’m about to post? This is one of those times. In fact, it may be the best example I’ve ever come across since I began writing for LBS. The artist formerly known as Ron Artest — a.k.a. Metta World Peace — was recently asked by an L.A. Times reporter if his teammates have started calling him Metta or if they still call him Ron. When you consider who we’re dealing with, his response made perfect sense. Check out this amazing video that Pro Basketball Talk pointed out to us:

So I guess that settles that.  It’s moments like this interview, the time Artest told us he’s 80 percent vegan, and the time he thanked his psychiatrist after winning a championship that make us think he might actually be crazy enough to win a fight against Rampage Jackson.  If you find yourself feeling down at any point this week, just remember that Jesus Christ was kind enough to make us lose our baby teeth when we’re young. That should help get you through the day.

Ron Artest Wants to Box Rampage Jackson

Ron Artest will do almost anything for attention, and that includes faking news about the lockout being over. The Lakers forward has long expressed a desire to try out different sports when he’s done playing basketball. He said last year that he wanted to try football, and he’s said for a long time that he wants to box after his NBA days are over.

Well Metta World Peace went on a tweeting-for-attention binge Sunday, and at one point said “I will challenge anyone heavyweight over 240 to a boxing fight. Not UFC. Boxing in the ring!! Come get your face ko’d!”

At first, Metta talked about facing street fighting legend, Kimbo Slice. Mr. Peace was certain to point out that he will only box someone, not face them in an MMA match. When the name Jose Canseco came up, Artest brushed it aside saying he needs more of a challenge. We agree; Canseco’s lost to a 60-year-old man. But then the name of UFC fighter Rampage Jackson came up, and Ron Ron said he’d take that fight, as long as it were in the boxing ring.

On Tuesday, it appeared as if a charity fight was going to be arranged. Both Rampage and Ron Ron seemed into it, but then something must have come up because Peace’s tune changed.

“Come on UFC ! Don’t block me and Rampage’s fight for charity!” Artest wrote on Twitter, implying that a contractual roadblock might stand in the way of a charity bout.

I know Mr. Peace is really angling for this thing to happen, but I’m guessing he’s bargaining for more than he can handle. Jackson is a professional fighter. Artest, despite his best efforts on the court to show us otherwise, is a basketball player. This probably would not work out well for him.

Ron Artest Put ‘Metta World Peace’ in Hebrew in His Bleached Hair

Ron Artest made his Dancing With the Stars debut on Monday night and brought his funky hairdos to the big stage. Artest dyed his hair and goatee blond, and he had “World Peace” written into his hair in Hebrew. This of course is not the first time Artest has written something into his hair. He’s had his team’s logo shaved into his hair as both a member of the Lakers and Rockets. He also dyed his hair blond last year and had the word “defense” written in his hair in three different languages. What can we say, the guy loves his Hebrew.

As for the vest and bow tie Chippendale’s look? Definitely not feeling that, but Artest probably made the statement he was looking to make on the popular show.

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Pictures via Garrett Downing and Kris Humphries

Ron Artest Guarantees Lakers Will Win NBA Championship

The man who will soon be known as Metta World Peace has made a guarantee. Appearing live on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show Wednesday night, Ron Artest expressed confidence in the Lakers’ ability to win a title in the upcoming season.

“What we’re going to do, is we’re definitely going to win [the title],” Artest said in response to a question about what should be expected from the Lakers.

The Lakers forward was then pressed to clarify if he was making a guarantee. Ron Ron confidently repeated his prediction three more times, saying it doesn’t matter if they have to face the Mavericks or Heat.

While Ron is confident in the ability of his basketball team, he’s not so sure about his stint on Dancing With the Stars. That’s no surprise; Ron Ron’s never crossed us as the most graceful being. But hey, if he’s going to make a guarantee, at least it’s for the career that really matters.

You can listen to the audio from the 40-minute long interview here
Thanks to the LA Times and I am a GM for sharing news of the guarantee

Ron Artest’s Metta World Peace Name Change Delayed Due to Traffic Warrants

Ron Artest headed to court Friday morning to officially change his name to “Metta World Peace.” Because nothing is as easy as it should be for Ron Ron, the change was not approved.

Reporters were informed that Artest has some outstanding traffic warrants to clear before the change can take effect. His next court date is for September 16th, which could interfere with his busy British soap opera schedule.

So after months of build up, the plan has been postponed because of the most Ron Artest reason possible. Come on Ron, pay your parking tickets bro!

Cheshire Jets May Offer Ron Artest Spot on British Soap Opera

Lakers forward Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace has been flirting with the idea of playing basketball for the Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. The British Basketball League isn’t as lucrative as some other foreign basketball leagues, so it will be a challenge for them to meet Artest’s financial desires. Instead, they’re getting creative with their offer and may try to barter with Artest.

Marc Stein spoke with Jets director Peter Hawkins who said “Our commitment is to help raise Ron’s profile in the UK in order to help him develop his music and movie career over here while playing basketball.”

Stein added that “One possibility, according to a source with knowledge of the Jets’ plans, is trying to find Artest a role on a British soap opera.”

Ron Artest on a British soap opera. I guess that’s where the “World” comes from in Metta World Peace huh. If Ron Ron’s jokes don’t elicit laughs here in the U.S., how in the world would they translate in the U.K.? There’s just no way this ends up well, though I must say these rumors are much better than the ones about him going to Finland.