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Monday, August 19, 2019

Ron Artest Shaves His Head but the Purple Dye Remains

The blonde hair look was short-lived for Ron Artest. As we posted on Saturday night, Artest showed up to the Lakers game in Orlando Sunday with his hair bleached blonde and the word “defense” written in his hair in purple, spelled out in three different languages. Either Artest wasn’t feeling the blonde/purple look or was remorseful of all the attention his hair drew, or he just felt it needed to go since the team lost to the Magic. As of Monday, Artest had shaved his head, eliminating all the blonde. The only problem is the purple dye stuck in his scalp so it still fittingly reads “defense” in three languages on his head. Here’s Artest explaining why he shaved his head and a look at the purple dye stuck in his scalp:

I wouldn’t be surprised if guys like Kobe and Phil gave him crap after the loss and made comments like “we have guys more concerned with their hair than the game.” All I know is that was a waste of five hours on Saturday.

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