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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Shaq

Shaq takes shot at Lakers, Clippers during Justin Bieber roast (Video)

The roast of Justin Bieber aired on Comedy Central Monday night, and there were plenty of hilarious jokes about the 21-year-old. There were also some basketball jokes, which makes sense since Shaquille O’Neal was the host. For starters, Shaq couldn’t resist taking a shot at his former team. “I haven’t seen a more disappointing lineup…Read More

Ernie Johnson does awesome Shaq impression (Video)

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. There are plenty of things we already knew about Ernie Johnson. Like, for example, that the guy is one of the smoothest broadcasters in all of sports. What you may not have known about Ernie is that he does an absolutely incredible Shaquille O’Neal impression. During a recent…Read More

Shaq didn’t know who Mariano Rivera was (Video)

Shaquille O’Neal must not watch much — if any — baseball. Any casual baseball fan can tell you who Mariano Rivera is. The former New York Yankees closer is considered by many to be the best relief pitcher of all time. During Tuesday night’s edition of “Inside the NBA,” Ernie Johnson explained how Shaq has…Read More

Shaq stuffs sock in his shorts, rubs it on Chuck’s head (Video)

Tuesday was a banner day for Shaq. And by banner day, we mean the guy just killed it with about a million viral moments. Not only did he hilariously confuse a pierogi for a kielbasa when discussing Polish center Marcin Gortat, and not only did he not recognize Mariano Rivera, but what took the cake…Read More

Shaq doesn’t know a pierogi from a kielbasa (Video)

Shaq wanted to praise Marcin Gortat for having such a strong first half in Game 5 of the Washington Wizards’ Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, so he tried to come up with something that would touch on the center’s Polish roots. Instead of using his typical “BBQ chicken alert” to…Read More

Why does Shaq say ‘barbecue chicken alert’?

If you watch “Inside the NBA” on TNT, you’ve definitely noticed by now that one of Shaq’s favorite catchphrases is “barbecue chicken alert!” Almost as funny as the way he delivers the phrase are the actual words themselves. Barbecue. Chicken. Alert. Seriously, who the heck says “barbecue chicken alert” outside of a restaurant setting? Only…Read More

Shaq talks about when Charles Barkley kissed a Dick in the mouth (Video)

Shaq worded something in an intentionally awkward way during “Inside the NBA” on TNT Thursday night when the crew was talking about priming officials. The subject came up because Kendrick Perkins asked to talk with a referee prior to Game 3 between the Thunder and Grizzlies about the way he and Zach Randolph were playing…Read More

Shaq goes Animal House, breaks Brent Barry’s guitar (Video)

Shaq took a page out of the “Animal House” book for a funny skit during “Inside the NBA” Tuesday on TNT. At a break during the Knicks-Nets game, TNT showed a funny clip of Brent Barry serenading some women with his guitar. Up stepped Shaq, who tore the guitar out of Barry’s hands, began singing…Read More

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