Stephen A. Smith suspended one week by ESPN

Stephen A SmithStephen A. Smith has been suspended from his duties at ESPN for one week. The network announced the punishment in a brief statement on Tuesday.

“ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week,” the statement read. “He will return to ESPN next Wednesday.”

ESPN released a statement on Monday after Smith apologized on First Take and said they believe he “recognizes his mistakes,” leading to speculation that he would not be disciplined for his comments about domestic abuse. It is unclear if the plan all along was to suspend Smith or if pressure built to the point where ESPN had to make a move.

A separate report over the weekend indicated that Smith is leaving ESPN Radio for Sirius Mad Dog Radio. The report has not been confirmed.

Stephen A. Smith apologizes for domestic violence comments (Video)

Stephen A. SmithStephen A. Smith opened Monday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take by apologizing for the comments he made last Friday about domestic violence and how women can help prevent it. Smith maintained that it was not his intention to blame domestic assault victims in any way but admitted that the remarks were “the most egregious error of my career.”

ESPN later issued a statement saying that Smith’s comments in no way reflect the views of the World Wide Leader. It does not appear that Stephen A. will be disciplined in any way.

“We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic,” ESPN’s statement said. “Stephen’s comments last Friday do not reflect our company’s point of view. As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values.”

A report over the weekend indicated that Smith is leaving ESPN Radio New York for Sirius Mad Dog Radio. As LB mentioned, the timing of the report was likely an attempt to steer steer the conversation about Smith away from his mistake.

Stephen A. Smith leaving ESPN Radio for Sirius Mad Dog Radio

Stephen A. SmithStephen A. Smith needed something to help get his domestic violence comments out of the news cycle, and the report about his career move is helping to change the conversation.

According to the New York Daily News, Smith is leaving ESPN Radio New York for Sirius Mad Dog Radio. Smith currently co-hosts a daily show with Ryan Ruocco, but he would be working solo on his new show. His time slot of 1 p.m.-3 p.m. would remain the same.

Reporter Bob Raismann says Smith is leaving ESPN for Sirius despite recently saying on his show that he had too much on his plate with TV for more radio work. Smith also is a co-host of “First Take” on ESPN2 (so I hear — I never watch that crap).

Also see: Stephen A. Smith addresses controversial domestic violence comments (Video)

Stephen A. Smith addresses controversial domestic violence comments (Video)

Stephen A SmithStephen A. Smith created a firestorm with his comments about domestic violence on ESPN’s “First Take” Friday and was moved to clarify his point via Twitter.

During a discussion with co-host Skip Bayless about domestic violence in light of the Ray Rice suspension, Smith, while emphasizing that there is never an excuse for a man hitting a woman and that those who do deserve to be in jail, said he wants women to also work on doing what they can to avoid provoking violent situations.

“Let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions … let’s try to make sure that we can do our part in making sure that doesn’t happen,” Smith said of the message he wants women to heed.

“Now you got some dudes that are just horrible that are going to do it anyway — and there’s never an excuse to put your hands on a woman. But domestic violence with men putting their hands on women is obviously a very real issue in our society. And I think just talking about what guys shouldn’t do … we gotta also make sure that you can do your part to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Smith’s comments sparked outrage among many, including prominent ESPN host Michelle Beadle.

Here’s what Beadle tweeted after hearing Smith’s comments:

Smith, feeling his point was lost and that his message was distorted, felt the need to clarify his point via Twitter. Here’s what he said:

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Andrew Bogut: Stephen A. Smith is a ‘wanker’

Andrew-Bogut-glasses-jokeGolden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut feels the same way about Stephen A. Smith as thousands of others across the world feel about the ESPN analyst. He’s not the first one to call out Stephen A., but Bogut may be the first to refer to him as a “wanker.”

Smith was critical of Bogut earlier this month when the 7-footer missed the last few games of his team’s playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers with a fractured rib. Smith referred to Bogut as “Andrew Bogus” and said he had no heart, also calling him the “tin man.” During an interview with Australian radio hosts Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria, Bogut was asked for his thoughts on Smith.

“He’s just a wanker, pretty much,” Bogut responded.

The Sydney Morning Herald bleeped out Bogut’s response, so perhaps we don’t appreciate how naughty of a word wanker really is. If that’s the case and we have offended any of our friends overseas by not writing w—er sooner, we apologize.

Bogut’s fractured rib was said to be on the verge of puncturing his lung. If that’s the case, it was a dangerous injury and not something he could have played through. I highly doubt any player would choose to sit out a tight series like the one the Warriors played against the Clippers if he was cleared to play.

Even Stephen A. Smith is getting tired of Skip Bayless

Stephen A. Smith Skip Bayless

This tweet sent by Adam Schefter on Friday was so funny and unexpected, I had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t sent by “Adarn Schefter,” the Twitter impostor.

According to Schefter, fellow ESPN employee Stephen A. Smith walked into the green room at the network on Friday and shared how he needs a break from his “First Take” co-host Skip Bayless:

We feel you Stephen A., we feel you. It isn’t easy “embracing debate” and going toe-to-toe with that doofus every single day. I can’t imagine anyone taking it for a few minutes, let a lone a few days, months or even a few years.

Allen Iverson thanks Stephen A. Smith, Howard Eskin and both get booed (Video)

Allen Iverson thanked a long list of friends, family, former teammates, executives and other basketball-related people during his speech at his jersey retirement in Philadelphia on Saturday night, and he even decided to thank a few media members.

Not surprisingly, both media members he mentioned were booed by the Philly faithful.

“I know you wouldn’t believe someone like me would shout these people out, but it is what it is. They’re a part of my career, a part of my life,” Iverson prefaced his thank-yous.

“I gotta thank Stephen A. Smith. Howard Eskin,” Iverson said before thanking a few other people.

Though Smith has been a national personality for several years, he started off as a prominent writer/reporter/columnist for the Philly Inquirer. He was close with Iverson during A.I.’s tenure with the Sixers and often reported exclusives on the former MVP.

Eskin is veteran Philadelphia sports personality and media member. He works for FOX 29 TV and 94 WIP Radio in Philly, and he has received national attention for some of his reports, many of which have turned out to be incorrect. Eskin’s son, Spike, who is also a host for WIP and totally awesome, shared this cool photo of Iverson hugging Howard:

Allen Iverson Howard Eskin

I’ll be fair here and point out that there were roars from the crowd when both names were mentioned, but I think that was just because they were roaring after everything Iverson said. Most of the reception seemed to be boos.