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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Stephen A. Smith

Kevin Durant: Stephen A. Smith is ‘lying’ with Lakers talk

Kevin Durant may be interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers when he becomes a free agent next summer, but the Oklahoma City Thunder star insists Stephen A. Smith would have no way of knowing about his plans. Earlier this week, Smith cited sources who claim Durant has made joining the Lakers his “primary objective”…Read More

Stephen A. Smith ripped on Twitter over ignorant baseball tweet

For the second time in three days, Stephen A. Smith’s poor use of Twitter is making headlines. On Sunday it was his tweet about Jay Cutler that got him in trouble. On Tuesday it was a tweet about the Yankees showing his embarrassingly little knowledge of the team that led to the backlash. Andrew Miller,…Read More

Stephen A. Smith called out for mocking Jay Cutler injury

Stephen A. Smith was called out by multiple fans and even his own co-workers after mocking Jay Cutler for suffering an injury against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Here is the tweet Smith sent after Cutler exiting following an interception: OMG! Did y'all here the terrible news? Jay Cutler had to leave the game —…Read More

Stephen A. Smith apologizes on Twitter for women’s soccer joke

Not long after his “joke” about women’s soccer players went viral, Stephen A. Smith decided to apologize for his insensitive remark. While “SportsCenter” was playing a highlight from a Women’s World Cup game between Germany and Norway, Smith cracked a joke about the women not blocking a shot because they didn’t want to mess up…Read More

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