Nate Robinson drops Discount Double Check on Steve Novak (GIF)


If you thought the friendly beef between Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson and New York Knicks forward Steve Novak is over, you’re wrong. As you may know, Robinson and Novak have been going back and forth with trash talk — or flirting — throughout much of the season. Robinson kept it going on Thursday night when he dropped the Discount Double Check on Novak once again during the Knicks’ win over the Bulls.

For those of you are are keeping score, Robinson clearly won this battle. He dropped 35 points on New York and shot 5-for-11 from beyond the arc. Novak did not score in the game and missed the only three-pointer he attempted. Simply put, Novak had no reason to even consider doing the title belt celebration that he adopted last season.

Robinson has gotten better for Chicago as the season progresses. He is averaging 20.5 points per game in the month of April after averaging 16.1 in March — both significantly higher than his season average of 13.2. Earlier this year when he mocked Novak’s Discount Double Check celebration, Novak responded by calling Robinson “Little Nathan.” Shortly after that, Robinson gave Novak a shout-out on NBA TV. Given the way the stat lines turned out on Thursday, it would probably be best for Novak to just let this one slide.

Nate Robinson gives shout-out to his ‘favorite player’ Steve Novak (Video)

Nate-RobinsonEither Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson and New York Knicks forward Steve Novak genuinely dislike each other, or they enjoy using the media to flirt with one another. Over the weekend, Robinson mocked Novak’s three-point celebration a couple times during the Bulls’ win over the Knicks. Novak was asked about it after the game, and he called Robinson “Little Nathan” and said he hopes the 5-foot-9 guard achieves his goal of one day being just like Novak when he grows up.

Robinson responded to the “Little Nathan” comment on Twitter, but it would appear that he is not satisfied with the war of words ending there. Just before leaving an interview with NBA TV on Monday night following Chicago’s win over the Atlanta Hawks, Robinson gave Novak a shout-out.

“Shout-out to my favorite player in the whole wide world, Steve Novak,” Robinson said just before removing his headset.

It’s all in good fun, but it seemed like Robinson was disappointed he was not asked about the feud. The world may have already gotten over it, but he’s not ready to let it go just yet.

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Steve Novak calls Nate Robinson ‘Little Nathan’ after Robinson mocks celebration

Aaron Rodgers may have been the first athlete to execute what is now known as the “Discount Double Check” celebration during a game, but New York Knicks forward Steve Novak has taken it onto the basketball court. Last season, Novak started doing the title belt celebration when sinking three-pointers. On Friday night, Nate Robinson decided to borrow the move after hitting two threes in the Chicago Bulls’ win over the Knicks.

After the game, Novak was asked for his reaction to Robinson doing the belt celebration.

“Oh man it warms my heart,” Novak said. “It really does. The best part about doing the belt is hearing the stories of all the little kids around the world that hit a three-pointer and do the belt. You know, one day when little Nathan grows up I hope his dreams come true and he can be just like me.”

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Steve Novak does Discount Double Check celebration after draining threes

What’s more surprising than Steve Novak scoring 14 points on 4-5 shooting from three-point range is that “Discount Double Check” has become the way people refer to a title belt celebration. That is some impressive branding work by the folks over at State Farm.

Wondering why Novak, who went to Marquette, did the belt celebration during the Knicks-Mavs game Sunday?

“Showing a little Wisconsion love,” he said after the game.

Novak was referencing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has helped popularize the move.

Many people were stunned by Novak’s performance, but they should realize he has always been a strong three-point shooter. Novak is nearly a 42% three-point shooter for his career. He even went 26-46 (57%) last season for the Spurs.

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