Stevie Johnson likely on trade block after Sammy Watkins pick

Stevie Johnson BillsEveryone pretty much saw this one coming: after the Buffalo Bills moved up to draft Sammy Watkins fourth overall in the draft on Thursday, they will probably be looking to deal one of the wide receivers on their roster.

WGR 550 in Buffalo reported Wednesday that if the Bills drafted a receiver in the first round, Stevie Johnson would likely go on the trade block. Johnson has been the team’s top receiver in three of the past four seasons and his cap hit will be at least $8.5 million each of the next three seasons.

The Bills have some depth at receiver with Robert Woods, T.J. Graham and Marquis Goodwin, and now they’ve added Watkins. They might even take a second receiver at some point in the draft.

Johnson is a good receiver, but he’s not worth the lofty cap hit he will cost. If some team trades for him, they would probably want to restructure his deal.

UPDATE – And of course hours after we posted this, the Bills traded Johnson to the 49ers.

Stevie Johnson says North Korea should bomb Foxboro in joke gone wrong

Stevie Johnson knows war is no laughing matter, but that didn’t stop him from trying a joke on Twitter that left many people outraged on Wednesday.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver sent a serious tweet about North Korea on Wednesday in light of the country’s threats to launch nuclear strikes against the US.

There was nothing wrong at that point. In fact, Johnson was coming across as a legitimately concerned citizen who follows current events.

But then he sent this:

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Stevie Johnson wants Ryan Fitzpatrick calling plays over Chan Gailey

The Buffalo Bills fell to the Indianapolis Colts 20-13 on Sunday for their fourth loss in five games, and wide receiver Stevie Johnson wants some changes.

Johnson said after the game that he would like to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick begin calling more plays instead of head coach Chan Gailey.

“How I see it, I think we need to let our quarterback call these plays,” Johnson said, per The Buffalo News. “He’s out there on the field. He sees the adjustments that need to be done. I think we just need to let him make adjustments on the go. I think that’s the way we can move the ball better.

“He did it a little bit in the game, and we moved the ball. … He was hitting C.J. [Spiller], getting his run plays, doing the pass plays, and I just think we should do it more often.”

The Buffalo News points out that a fourth-quarter touchdown pass from Fitzpatrick to Johnson ended a seven-quarter touchdown drought. Johnson credited Fitzpatrick for that touchdown drive.

“It was all Fitz,” Johnson said. “Fitz made the adjustments, the audibles, and I think that led to our success, going down the field, making those throws. So I just think we should do a little bit more of that.”

Fitzpatrick went 17-of-33 for 180 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in the loss. Johnson had six catches for a season high 106 yards, including a career-long 63-yard gain.

Buffalo entered the game 17th in the league with 23 points per game. The running game entered Week 12 eighth in the NFL with 140.8 yards per game, but the passing game has dropped off to 23rd. Maybe Gailey should listen to Johnson and consider allowing Fitzpatrick more freedom on the field. At 4-7, it’s not like they have a whole lot more to lose, and if they don’t improve, it won’t be too long before Gailey is fired.

Between these comments and what Johnson said about Gailey two weeks ago, it’s obvious he’s dissatisfied.

Helmet smack to Around the League
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Stevie Johnson calls out Chan Gailey for praising the Bills for their effort

The optimist would look at the Buffalo Bills’ 37-31 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday and praise them for hanging tough on the road with one of the better teams in the AFC. The pessimist sees it as a loss that dropped the Bills to 3-6 on the season and may have erased any hope they had of reaching the postseason. From the sound of it, Buffalo head coach Chan Gailey is the optimist and Stevie Johnson is the pessimist.

“Every week (Gailey is) saying that we have the effort … which is obvious,” Johnson said Tuesday morning on NFL AM, via Around the League. “At this point you can’t be a team that’s so-called turning the corner if you’re not winning games. We still have more work to do. We still have to learn how to finish these games.”

Buffalo trailed by only three points at one point in the fourth quarter. Like many other teams have done this season, Ryan Fitzpatrick and company were able to carve up the Patriots’ porous defense and find a way to stay in the game. However, costly turnovers and an inability to stop New England’s offensive attack ultimately buried the Bills.

“We just need to go to our bread and butter when we need to,” Johnson continued. “At that moment going against the New England Patriots, you know they’re going to go to (Rob) Gronkowski or Wes Welker. We have many weapons, C.J. (Spiller), me, Donald (Jones) and Scott Chandler. The four of us should have the opportunity at the end of that game.”

Hanging around and not finishing games just isn’t cutting it for the Bills anymore. Last season, they were one of the hottest teams in the NFL to start the year before injuries and poor play derailed them. Despite signing Mario Williams, who seems to enjoy boos and is hearing plenty of them, Buffalo’s defense has been horrendous. It’s hard to blame Johnson for not taking any positives out of Sunday’s loss.

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Darrelle Revis on Stevie Johnson: ‘I’m not panicking because a guy got 70 yards’

Very few receivers in the NFL have had any type of success against Darrelle Revis over the past five seasons. Since the Jets drafted him in the first round in 2007, Revis has been able to turn some of the best receivers in the league into complete no-shows who are lucky to manage three catches for 25 yards against New York. That has not quite been the case for Stevie Johnson.

The two meet twice a year, and Johnson’s 79.5-yard average in two meetings against Revis last year have some saying he owns the Pro Bowl cornerback. The ruler of Revis Island disagees.

That’s the position I’m in,” Revis said according to the NY Daily News. “The success that I’ve had is the reason why maybe people criticize me a different way. You just roll with the punches. I’m not panicking over nothing. I know how to play ball. I play great ball. I’m not panicking because a guy got 70 yards.”

Revis gave up one touchdown all last season, and Johnson was the receiver who caught it. Does that mean he owns him, or is the fact that people make a big deal out of 160 yards and a touchdown in two meetings just another reminder of how good Revis is? If Calvin Johnson averaged 75 yards and 0.5 scores against a corner, we would probably say the corner does a terrific job of keeping him at bay.

The same is true of Revis, who like Megatron is arguably the best player at his position. When someone has even a little success against players like that it’s magnified. From the Jets perspective, 75 yards a game out of your opponent’s best receiver is probably considered a success.

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Bills bring Stevie Johnson back, Ryan Fitzpatrick celebrates with haircut (Picture)

No quarterback likes losing their star receiver after a breakout season. Fortunately for Bills fans, Ryan Fitzpatrick will not have to go through that next season. On Monday, the Bills and wide receiver Stevie Johnson agreed to a five-year, $36.25 million deal. They avoided having to use franchise tag, which must have made Johnson a happy man. As you can see from the photo above that Stevie shared on Twitter, it certainly made his quarterback a happy man.

Earlier in the offseason, Johnson said he was done with silly celebrations and admitted he only did it last season for attention. Could this be Fitzpatrick’s way of saying he’s going to keep the fun rolling in Johnson’s honor? We’ll find out as the season nears.

Stevie Johnson done with celebrations, admits he did it to get noticed

If Stevie Johnson intended to gain recognition by doing dumb things after scoring touchdowns, it worked.  Johnson is known more for his antics than his play-making ability.  If he stopped pulling his shirt up to reveal hidden messages after he scores or poking fun at serious situations, he would be one of the most sought-after receivers on the free agent market this offseason.  According to Johnson, he’s calling it quits with the funny business.

“It could be a good thing or a bad thing,” Johnson said according to Eye on Football. “But no matter what: I’m done with (celebrations). When I was doing my first couple seasons, I was just trying to be a relevant guy, you know? I think people are beginning to know who (No.) 13 is.”

“I’m going to still play with the confidence and swagger I have but thinking about what I’m doing next, I’m done with it.”

Maybe someone should have told Stevie before he came into the league that scoring touchdowns is a good enough way to gain recognition and get paid.  Teams are more interested in the touchdown, not the after party.  In fact, those are the things that make a player less employable.

Johnson also said he hopes to remain with the Bills and would be open to the franchise tag, but is excited to see what the free agent market has to offer should the opportunity arise.  If you were an NFL owner, would you believe him?  Guys like Johnson just can’t seem to help themselves.