Sydney Leroux laid in front of tow truck that was towing her car

Sydney Leroux had a rough day on Wednesday. Nobody likes having their car towed, and our favorite US women’s soccer player was not about to let hers go without a fight.

Leroux parked her car in a tow zone and returned to see it being hooked up to the dreaded truck. After taking a quick video of the scene, she apparently decided the tow truck driver was going to have to run her over if he wanted to drag the car away.


“Over my dead body this tow truck is taking my car,” she wrote on Twitter. “#iwishyouwould.”

We’re guessing the tow truck driver eventually won out, because they always do. LeBoo later had a pretty entertaining explanation for why she thought it was OK to park where she did.

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Sydney Leroux dominates ESPYs parties with white dress

Sydney Leroux ESPY white dress

Sydney Leroux is in Los Angeles for the ESPYs and has been absolutely dominating the red carpet scene.

The US women’s soccer player shared the photo you see at the top via Instagram, and apparently that’s how she looked for the “Body Party,” whatever the heck that is. I just know that if there’s something called the “body party,” Leroux is a worthy attendee.

Here’s LeBoo on the red carpet at the event:

And here is another picture she shared from the party.

The shame of it all is that Sydney LeBoo was in my city and I didn’t even do anything about it. How is that possible?

I’m sure your attention was no doubt captured by the girl on the left. I didn’t know that an open blazer with nothing underneath was an acceptable fashion choice, but I approve.

The girl in the pink blazer is named Natalie Lizarraga, and she’s one of Leroux’s friends. Head over to Page 2 to see more pictures of Natalie.

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Sydney Leroux partners with Kobe Bryant’s drink company


One of our favorite soccer players in the world is officially partners with Kobe Bryant and his sports drink. Bryant, who owns more than a 10% stake in BodyArmor Super Drink, announced on Thursday that Sydney Leroux is the first female athlete the beverage company has signed.

“Proud to announce @drinkbodyarmor has signed our first female athlete @sydneyleroux,” Kobe wrote on Instagram. “She’s taking over the @drinkbodyarmor Twitter handle and live tweeting during #usaVgermany match #upgradetheroster #upgradetheathlete #upgradeyoursportsdrink #ladymamba.”

Lady mamba? That’s some serious praise from the five-time NBA champion. In addition to being a soccer player, Leroux has also tried her hand at boxing and even toyed with golf. She also happens to absolutely dominate a bikini. Her endorsement of BodyArmor has won me over.

Sydney Leroux wipes out trying to go Happy Gilmore (Video)

Sydney Leroux is a tremendous soccer player, but her golf game needs a bit of work. The US women’s soccer star hit up the driving range in Portugal this week and tried to have a little fun channeling her inner Happy Gilmore. As you can see, she failed miserably at first.

Leroux eventually got it down and stroked what looked like a pretty decent drive.

We all know Leroux is a great soccer player. She also has some pretty smooth boxing skills, is incredibly creative with Halloween, and knows how to dominate a bikini. Golf? Eh, not so much.


Sydney Leroux now taking up boxing (Video)

Sydney Leroux boxingSydney Leroux is trying her hand at boxing and shared a video on Instagram Thursday of her at her first boxing class.

The US national team soccer star was initially cautious entering her training session, but issued a friendly warning to Floyd Mayweather after she got done.

“Don’t judge but I just picked up a new hobby. Mayweather I’m coming for you!” Leroux wrote as her Instagram caption.

Leroux is a fan of the fight game and was in attendance for UFC 167, so it’s not too surprising to see her try her hand at combat sports. She also looked pretty impressive working with the trainer, though her left could use some work.

Sydney Leroux, Alex Morgan, Hope Solo hitch ride with fans after bus breaks down


The US women’s soccer team had a bus malfunction en route to the Citrus Bowl for their game against Brazil on Saturday. By that, we mean their bus broke down.

But don’t worry, the team was able to make it to the stadium in time to dominate Brazil 4-1. How did they get there? Some fans that were passing by in central Florida were kind enough to scoop them up and give them a ride.

“Our bus broke down at the stadium,” Sydney Leroux wrote on Twitter along with the photo you see above. “Option A: Hitchhike with fans. Option B: Wait. What do you think we did?”

Hope Solo also tweeted her appreciation as she squeezed into the back seat of a car with Abby Wambach and some other teammates.

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Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux went as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke for Halloween


US women’s soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux have emerged as our favorite duo of  best friends to follow over the past several months, and they may have outdone themselves with their Halloween costumes. This year, the young ladies decided to dress as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

More specifically, Morgan and Leroux dressed the way Cyrus and Thicke did for their infamous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this year. Morgan completely nailed the Miley look with her messed up hair and weird bunny-themed leotard. We have to assume she humped that foam finger at some point, otherwise she failed to get into character.

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