Tim Lincecum officially unveils his new haircut to the press (Pictures)


Tim Lincecum has gotten a haircut. Actually, it appears he has gotten several of them. Back in December, rumors swirled that the San Francisco Giants pitcher had chopped off his long, flowing locks. There was photo evidence at the time, but it was a bit blurry and there were some skeptics who refused to believe it. Now, it’s official.

Lincecum was one of the biggest stories from Giants media day on Friday, as every photographer and reporter with a cell phone camera wanted to get a shot of his new boys regular haircut. This angle really gives you the full effect of the comb-over that Timmy has decided to rock:

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Tim Lincecum appears to have cut his long hair (Pictures)


Tim Lincecum appears to be the latest professional athlete to cut his signature long hair.

A few days ago, we shared a video of snowboarder Shaun White cutting off his iconic long red locks. Now, pictures have surfaced of the San Francisco Giants pitcher sporting a cropped hairdo.

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Tim Lincecum and blond girlfriend celebrate Giants win (Pictures)

The San Francisco Giants’ celebration after winning the National League pennant on Monday allowed MLB on FOX viewers the opportunity to receive a glimpse at some of the players’ finer halves. The player who seemed to garner the most attention was Tim Lincecum, who had his arm around a blonde.

Lincecum’s mystery lady was wearing a National League champions hat. Her presence on the field and closeness with the pitcher led many to conclude that she is his girlfriend, leaving many female fans disappointed.

Here’s another look at the young woman, only in this one you can actually see her face:

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Tim Lincecum reportedly will be available in trade

Tim Lincecum posted the worst season of his career, and the San Francisco Giants reportedly will look to trade him this offseason.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe wrote a column on Sunday containing several baseball notes. Some were based on quotes from baseball personnel, and others seemed to be based on informed speculation. Here’s what he wrote about Lincecum:

He will be available in trade, and it will be interesting to see who bites on the two-time Cy Young winner. The Giants insist his problems this season were strictly mechanical, but opposing teams wonder why his usual 96-mile-per-hour fastball was around 92 most of the season, and why his first-inning problems (28 runs) were the worst in baseball.

It’s no surprise that the Giants would look to deal him. Lincecum won two Cy Young Awards and a World Series with the Giants, but he was sub-par this season and nearly lost his spot in the rotation. His gradual drop in velocity is alarming. He can still be an effective pitcher, but if he doesn’t regain his fastball speed, why would we think he could regain his Cy Young form?

Lincecum hurt himself financially by declining long-term contract extension talks. The Giants are probably thankful he only took a two-year deal in January. We imagine there will be teams interested in acquiring him as long as the Giants kick in some money or players in a potential trade.

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Tim Lincecum knows ‘what a chick feels like’ after being sprayed in face

Tim Lincecum was hit in the face by a cork and sprayed with champagne during the Giants’ celebration after winning their NLDS against the Reds on Thursday, and he naturally provided us with some authentic, albeit inappropriate, commentary.

The two-time Cy Young winner complained that he was “hit in the f–king face with a f–king cork.” He supplemented that comment by getting off the mother of all remarks: “Now I know what a chick feels like.”

After being burned by Lincecum dropping an F-bomb not once but twice in the span of a week during the 2010 playoffs, you figure television cameras would have learned to stay away from him with their live microphones during celebrations. They obviously haven’t.

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Tim Lincecum surpassed in playoff rotation by Ryan Vogelsong, possibly Barry Zito

How unreliable has Tim Lincecum become for the Giants this season? So unreliable that he has been surpassed by Ryan Vogelsong and possibly Barry Zito in the team’s playoff rotation.

The Giants announced on Sunday that Ryan Vogelsong will start Game 3 of the NLDS. Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area says Barry Zito is expected to pitch if there’s a Game 4, and if not him, Game 1 starter Matt Cain could return to pitch on short rest. That means Tim Lincecum is officially the Giants’ No. 5 starter this year.

This development isn’t really that surprising.

Tim Lincecum’s 5.18 ERA this season is nearly double Matt Cain’s 2.79 mark. He has given up almost two runs more per game than Madison Bumgarner and Vogelsong, and his ERA is a full run higher than Zito’s 4.15.

Managers generally have confidence in pitchers who have proven they can pitch in the postseason, even if they’re having a down season. Lincecum has won two Cy Young Awards and went 4-1 during the Giants’ 2010 World Series championship run. It shows you how badly he’s pitched this season that he’s been bumped this far.

Think about this: Barry Zito, who was a bust of a signing, is now ahead of the two-time Cy Young winner. I suppose that says a lot about both pitchers.

Tim Lincecum loses track of outs (Video)

Tim Lincecum had a forgetful moment on Friday. The Giants pitcher got Phillies pitcher Vance Worley to ground out in the bottom of the third inning for the second out, but Lincecum began walking off the mound as if the inning were over. He soon realized he had one more out to go and returned to the hill to get Jimmy Rollins to ground out to end the inning.

Forgetful moments aside, this was the second straight strong showing by Lincecum since manager Bruce Bochy threatened to remove him from the rotation. He went 7 innings allowing 5 hits and 2 runs while striking out 6 for the win. He’s now 4-10 on the season.

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