Hakeem Nicks Does Dirty Bird After Touchdown, Jamal Anderson Not Mad

Hakeem Nicks did the Dirty Bird after breaking free for a 72-yard touchdown against the Falcons in the playoffs Sunday. The Dirty Bird was the trademark touchdown dance of former Falcons running back Jamal Anderson. Anderson did it all throughout the 1998 season, one where he rushed for 1,846 yards and 14 touchdowns while leading his team to a Super Bowl appearance.

While initially shocked at Nicks’ celebration — and possibly annoyed — Jamal came around.

“Btw, I’m not mad at Nicks. I Broke out the Dirty Bird in ’98, it’s trending on Twitter in 2012,” he tweeted (as pointed out by Shutdown Corner).

Nicks had 6 catches for 115 yards and two touchdowns, so he earned the right to celebrate. Mike Smith and his 0-for-3 mark on fourth downs deserved to be mocked.

For comparison, here is a look at Nicks’ and Anderson’s Dirty Birds:

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Video: LeBron James Does Stevie Johnson-Plaxico Gunshot Dance After Scoring Touchdown in Flag Football

LeBron James finally played his long-anticipated flag football game against Kevin Durant. You may recall that the idea for the game came when LeBron challenged Durant after being jealous that the Thunder star played in an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State in October.

LeBron’s team won Wednesday, and the highlight was when James imitated the Stevie Johnson touchdown dance. You know, the one where Stevie pretended like he shot himself in the leg to mock Plaxico Burress. Here’s a video:

Stevie suffered some backlash for the poor decision. Plaxico told Stevie he wasn’t offended, but you could tell he was. It’s just hard to imagine that someone would repeat the same dance a few days later. Then again, LeBron has been known to make plenty of poor premeditated decisions over the years, so this shouldn’t surprise us.

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress by Pretending to Shoot Himself (Picture)

Just before the two minute warning in the first half of their game with the Jets, Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson scored on a short five-yard slant. It was particularly impressive since he was covered by Jets’ star cornerback Darrelle Revis. After the score, Johnson decided to celebrate with a little dance and pretended his hands were guns. Then, he pretended to shoot himself in the thigh — a shameless mocking of Plaxico Burress’ self-inflicted gunshot wound.  You can see a video of the play over at NFL.com, but here is a screenshot from the celebration:

Getting creative with touchdown celebrations like this one earlier in the season, but Johnson took it a little too far on Sunday.  It would be tough for the NFL to fine Johnson for something like that given all the celebrations we’ve seen over the years, but I’ve seen Roger Goodell issue fines for much less.

Aaron Hernandez Made it Rain After Scoring Touchdown

Aaron Hernandez was an absolute monster for the Patriots on Monday night. The second-year tight end caught 7 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins. He nearly scored two touchdowns on the same drive but he was ruled down at the one after catching a long pass. It was no problem for his fantasy owners because a few plays later, Tom Brady went right back to him for a score to make it 28-17. Afterwards, Hernandez made it rain in the end zone:

Given the negative connotation “making it rain” holds in the NFL, you have to wonder if that will result in a fine from Roger Goodell. Why not, doesn’t everything else result in a fine?

Terrell Owens Goes Pantomime in Classic Touchdown Dance (Video)

The Bengals fell behind early against the Steelers on Monday night but got within three on a touchdown catch by Terrell Owens. It was the 150th receiving TD of T.O.’s career and he celebrated with an awesome pantomime show. Check out the T.O. mime touchdown dance video:

Even if you’re not a Bengals fan, you almost have to root for T.O. to score just to see him dance. That was sweet.