Georgia Tech debuted its unique honeycomb uniforms (Pictures)

Athletic apparel companies are in such competition for attention, they’re going to great lengths to get noticed. Even Russell Athletic has joined the likes of Nike and Under Armour by unveiling some crazy threads. What you’re looking at above are the unique honeycomb-pattern uniforms Georgia Tech wore for their season-opening game on Monday against Virginia Tech. What’s interesting about these uniforms is that Georgia Tech’s classic yellow jacket logo is nowhere to be found on the jersey.

In a press released announcing the new jerseys, Georgia Tech acknowledged the change is part of an effort to relate to the new trend in college football.

“Uniform design is a very hot topic among student-athletes,” said Athletic Director Dan Radakovich. “College football players today want to feel they have the most modern, cutting edge designs in which to perform. The key is to maintain a connection to our history and tradition while providing the apparel that attracts the very best student-athletes nationwide.”

They also explained why they chose a hexagon/honeycomb pattern for the jerseys.

“The hexagonal pattern has become synonymous with Georgia Tech, as the shape is considered the strongest geometric object and used by yellowjackets to build their nests.”

Below are more images of the honeycomb unis:

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Oregon’s uniforms against Arkansas State were as crazy as usual (Pictures)

Oregon has not disappointed in its quest to have the most talked-about uniforms in college football. The green and yellow duds you see above are what the Ducks wore for their season-opening game against Arkansas State. They had green jerseys with yellow numbers, yellow pants, yellow socks, and green cleats. The helmets were yellow with the reflective wing pattern. Overall, the uniforms weren’t too dissimilar from what Nike unveiled last week.

Personally, I’m not a fan of all the yellow, though it definitely has a nostalgic Reuben Droughns feel.

Below are more looks at the unis:

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Oregon’s new football uniforms released (Pictures)

Several teams unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming college football season, but fans were still waiting on one school to show off their new duds: Oregon. Nike finally came through on Wednesday by releasing the new football uniforms for the Ducks. The uniforms are made of 16 different materials, and they look infinitely better than Notre Dame’s hideous unis. Here are a few looks at the uniforms:

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Notre Dame’s uniforms for the Miami game are hideous (Pictures)

Notre Dame is a program with one of the richest traditions in college football. They’ve been playing football in South Bend since 1887, and they’ve been doing things a certain way since then.

The Fighting Irish are all about jerseys that don’t have last names on the back, plain gold helmets with no designs, and simple uniforms with minimal color schemes. Until now.

It appears as if during the race to make the most gaudy uniforms possible — a field in which Nike and Under Armour have been leading the way — adidas didn’t want to be left out. So they created the “Shamrock Series” that Notre Dame will wear for its October game against Miami. Here are more photos of the uniforms:

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Nike swooshes on new NFL jerseys are not backwards (Picture)

Now that Nike is the official sponsor of jerseys across the NFL, a lot of buzz has been created regarding what some perceive to be a backwards Nike swoosh symbol. If you look at the photo above, you may be inclined to say that the swoosh on Tom Brady’s jersey is backwards while the one on Drew Brees’ jersey is facing the correct way. The Twitter world was in an uproar on Thursday night with fans ripping Nike and the NFL for botching the jerseys and stitching a backwards swoosh on the right sleeve of everyone’s jersey. But the swoosh is indeed facing the right way.

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West Virginia unveils all gray alternate uniforms for 2012 season (Pictures)

(Click photos to enlarge)

It seems like the best way for a college football program to stay in the news these days is to continue to unveil new equipment. Whether it be new helmets or alternate jerseys, teams are constantly trying to find ways to separate themselves from the rest of the pack by making a fashion statement. On Wednesday, West Virginia officially unveiled their latest alternate uniforms for the 2012 season, and they are very, very gray.

When asked about the uniforms before they were officially shared with the public last week, WVU head coach Dana Holgorsen acknowledged that teams have to stay up on the latest equipment fashion trends if they want to remain relevant throughout the recruit process.

“It’s a recruiting thing,” he said according the Charleston Daily Mail. “If you look across the country, we’re behind on this. Everyone is going (Nike) Pro Combat. Everyone has three or four new uniforms. We’re far from that. It’s recruiting. Why is everyone doing it? Because the kids want it. It’s television and marketing and the kids get excited about what they can see.”

They may not have as much luck using these threads as a recruiting tool as Arkansas should with their new uniforms, but I guess there’s something to be said for being different. Unless, of course, you’re different like Maryland. I can’t imagine many people want to be that different.

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Photos via West Virginia’s official athletic site

Charlotte Bobcats unveil new uniforms for 2012-2013 season (Pictures)

Don’t worry Dallas fans, the Mavericks haven’t changed their franchise’s team name to the “Cats.” The Charlotte Bobcats have simply unveiled new uniforms for the 2012-2013 season that look extremely similar to the ones Dirk Nowitzki and company wear. With a new head coach, color scheme, uniform design, and logo, the Bobcats are clearly looking to start fresh next year. The sad part is — as The Basketball Jones pointed out via Chris Creamer’s sports logos website — this is the fourth time Charlotte has changed its look in only eight years as a franchise. Maybe the uniform isn’t the problem?

Personally, I would have stuck with the short-lived jerseys that the Bobcats had last season. Even though they are a new franchise that has yet to establish any kind of identity, I liked how the pinstripe look gave them somewhat of a nostalgic appearance. Call me old fashioned. In any event, they are certainly easier to look at than the other basketball uniform that was debuted as a possibility earlier this week. Here are some more pictures courtesy of NBA.com.