Highlights from the Redneck Olympics in Maine (Video)

The Redneck Olympics took place this weekend in Hebron, Maine, drawing a crowd of hundreds. The rules were simple: beer and facial hair mandatory, tank tops and tattoos optional, and proper grammar forbidden.

According to the Sun Journal, some of the events included:

    - tug-of-war
    – the beer trot
    – bobbing for pigs’ feet
    – wife-carrying
    – the mud flop
    – toilet-seat horseshoes
    – greased watermelon haul
    – pie-eating contest

Here’s a highlight video from the weekend’s events:

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Peruvian Soccer Players Drug Opponents, Slip Them Tranquilizers

I’m really starting to wonder if there’s a translation for the word “sportsmanship” in South America.  A couple weeks back, we brought you a story about the president of Bolivia kneeing an opponent in the man zone during a friendly exhibition.  Today, we have a story from another soccer match in South America — this time in Peru — that may be even more messed up.

According to a report we read over at Deadspin, players from the Peruvian soccer club Sport Ancash drugged their opponents from Hijos de Acosvinchos prior to a match that was supposed to promote the top tier of soccer in Peru.  That’s right, I said drugged.

The story goes that Acosvinchos accepted what they thought to be a friendly gesture from the Sport Ancash coach prior to the game.  The coach gave the Acosvinchos players a drink — which was supposedly in a beaker yet they still drank it — and told them it was an energy drink.  Some of the players started going down like sacks of potatoes minutes later.  Turns out the drinks were the exact opposite of an energy drink and contained tranquilizers.

We hear about teams playing pranks on one another and little tid bits of unsportsmanlike behavior all the time, but doing something like that is inexcusable.  If someone had turned out to be allergic to whatever was in the drinks or hurt them self badly when they collapsed I doubt anyone would be laughing.  Deadspin has a video explaining the incident, for those of you who understand Espanol.

By the way, is it wrong if I start referring to this act as a “Peruvian roofie?” Yes? Fine, I won’t do that.

Bama Fans: Florida Got Nutt’d On

Those Bama fans can get pretty creative apparently. This was definitely a PG-13 poster put together for the College Gameday Show on ESPN and almost as good as the LSU Civil War poster.

The question is … will Bama be able to replicate the Ole Miss Nutt shot?

Boxer Juan Carlos Robles Amputated His Own Finger

As far as craziness in athletics, this has to be right up there. I knew that some athletes were borderline insane and that some will do anything to be able to perform in the heat of battle. I even heard of fans who lost toes watching games. And I’ve even heard the story of Ronnie Lott asking doctors to cut off his finger so it wouldn’t get further injured. At least when Lott opted for amputation, he let the doctors take care of the messy part. Apparently that wasn’t the case with Juan Carlos Robles. Deadspin has the scoop:

[Robles] went home, put towels over the kitchen table and blocked off a working area with several two-by-fours. He put gauze around the area and twisted soldering wire around his right pinkie to slow the flow of blood.

“Then I put a wood chisel on it and dropped a 15-pound weight on the chisel,” Robles said. “The piece shot out about six feet like a missile.”

If you’re wondering what led up to the amateur surgery, Robles injured himself in a motorcycle crash but didn’t have medical insurance. Rather than pay for surgery to fix the one injury that lingered (he also broke his knee cap and forearm), he decided to do it himself. He now proudly wears the pinkie as a souvenir around his neck. Must be one pleasure of a man. Oh yeah, I believe his record is 10-2. Read the full story if you’re still curious.

Girl Ejected from Tennis Match; Dad Was Coaching Through Earpiece

Honestly people, do we really have to stoop this low? What’s worse, the fact that 8-year-old Anastasiya Korzh was kicked out of a tennis tournament for being hooked up to an earpiece while playing so her father could talk to her, or the fact that the dad tried to cover the whole thing up? Ready for a wild one? Here goes nothing:

Players in the under-10 grade are supposed to keep their own score and referee their own games but [the father] said he turned to technology on the third day of the tournament after noticing a number of suspicious calls and realising his daughter was having trouble keeping score.

“It was obvious girls were taking advantage of Ana because she was playing for the first time,” he said.

It was discovered the girl had a receiver similar to a rugby referee’s earpiece with a box at the base of the back and a cord under the shirt up to the earpiece and headband.

What are we, training her for a James Bond movie? Who the eff resorts to earpieces to communicate? This is worse than Sharapova and her dad. Like the tournament organizers said — if you can’t keep score, you shouldn’t be playing. Simple as that. And just how was that little squirt able to run around with a box attached to her head? Look how small she is — the device probably weighed more than she does.

Jelena Jankovic Gives Fans a Peep Show

And I thought it was weird when Kansas State freshman guard Bill Walker decided to use the sidelines of a college basketball floor as a urinal. I think this might trump what Walker did. Check out tennis player Jelena Jankovic getting pretty slick during a side change:


OK, maybe Walker’s was slightly more gross. Still, this is pretty strange. And how did the photogs not get some upskirt shots??? Via With Leather, surprise, surprise.

Felix Pie Out With a Twisted Testicle

Much like Ken Griffey Jr. who suffered an injury to his nuts recently, Felix Pie is also hurting in the family jewels. The dude apparently missed a few games this spring because of one odd injury — he was out with has been described as a “twisted testicle.” No joke. From the Cubs’ official site, where they talked about Alfonso Soriano’s injury:

The Cubs have had a variety of injuries this spring. So far, infielder Mark DeRosa was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat, pitcher Jose Ascanio had a bruised face after getting punched in a robbery attempt, and outfielder Felix Pie missed a couple of days early because of a twisted testicle. Third baseman Aramis Ramirez remains sidelined with a sore right shoulder.

Yes, you caught that correctly. I know sometimes I’ve got the boys a little out of place and sat on em by accident, and let me tell you, it was no pleasure. I can see how painful this may have been for Mr. Pie. Hopefully his teammates were nothing but supportive in his time of need. One thing though, I wonder how Felix feels about this getting out to the masses. This reminds me of the time when Ravens’ receiver Derrick Mason was on the injury report for diarrhea. There are some things the medical staffs just need to keep to themselves, and that would be one of them.

(via Fornelli’s Untangled Foul Balls)