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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Andy Murray had to cut his hair for image purposes

Andy MurrayAndy Murray says he would like to wear his hair long the way he did when he first came on tour, but his people have prevented him from doing so for image purposes.

The Scotsman’s hair was somewhat curly and definitely frizzy, and fans called it a “mufro.”

“I liked that haircut but a lot of people don’t like it,” Murray said of his hair last week via the Daily Mail.

“They think that it’s messy and doesn’t look good so I’m not allowed to cut my hair like that unfortunately anymore. The tennis industry doesn’t like that sort of hair. They just like the standard short back and sides.”

Murray now keeps his hair cropped relatively tight, though it’s not exactly a buzz cut. Still, Murray, 26, says he plans to go back to his old hairstyle when he’s done with his playing career.

“When I finish playing I will have it done for sure.”

The current world No. 6 player, Murray took on the cleaner-cut image after signing with music mogul Simon Fuller’s management company. He has endorsement deals with adidas, Head and Swiss watchmaker Rado, among others.

Image purposes or not, I think Murray just looks better with the cleaner look. But maybe he thinks it makes him look more boring than he really is.

Then again, if you ever had your hair look this wild, you’d probably be sad to cut it too:

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