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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Girl Ejected from Tennis Match; Dad Was Coaching Through Earpiece

Honestly people, do we really have to stoop this low? What’s worse, the fact that 8-year-old Anastasiya Korzh was kicked out of a tennis tournament for being hooked up to an earpiece while playing so her father could talk to her, or the fact that the dad tried to cover the whole thing up? Ready for a wild one? Here goes nothing:

Players in the under-10 grade are supposed to keep their own score and referee their own games but [the father] said he turned to technology on the third day of the tournament after noticing a number of suspicious calls and realising his daughter was having trouble keeping score.

“It was obvious girls were taking advantage of Ana because she was playing for the first time,” he said.

It was discovered the girl had a receiver similar to a rugby referee’s earpiece with a box at the base of the back and a cord under the shirt up to the earpiece and headband.

What are we, training her for a James Bond movie? Who the eff resorts to earpieces to communicate? This is worse than Sharapova and her dad. Like the tournament organizers said — if you can’t keep score, you shouldn’t be playing. Simple as that. And just how was that little squirt able to run around with a box attached to her head? Look how small she is — the device probably weighed more than she does.

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