Bryce Harper’s girlfriend appears to be BYU soccer player Kayla Varner

Bryce Harper may only be 19 years old, but it looks like the Nats superstar is already taken.

Busted Coverage did some outstanding sleuthing and discovered that Harper appears to be dating Kayla Varner, a BYU soccer player who is from Nevada.

Varner is a sophomore forward at BYU. She played for Green Valley (Nev.) High School and was a three-time team MVP.

Varner’s tweets are mostly about BYU soccer and the Nats, and she frequently interacts with Bryce and Bryce’s sister on the social networking service. She’s even been retweeted by Bryce on a few occasions.

Plus, there’s this indisputable evidence: Varner talking about a long-distance date with Bryce, and flying to DC “to see my boo”:

Looks like the two are having an enjoyable long-distance relationship. One of the best baseball players on the planet dating one of the better soccer players around? Can you imagine the athletic genes?

Apart from being two of the best young players in baseball, it looks like Harper and Mike Trout have another thing in common: both still have girlfriends from their hometown. Here’s Mike Trout’s girlfriend in case you haven’t seen her.

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  • JamesT32

    One of the better soccer players around just because she was the best player in her high school program?  lol  My, what a kind and utterly baseless analysis.  Cute couple and all, but really, teenage relationships (long distance or otherwise) are about as reliable and stable as a series of Mitt Romney factoids, so to put any stock in her long-term hopes of landing him would be silly at best.