UCLA OF Eric Filia’s girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre has been very popular at the CWS

UCLA Eric Filia girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre

Those of you watching the College World Series may have noticed one particular woman getting a lot of attention from the camera crews. The young lady in question was seen wearing UCLA gear and cheering on the Bruins, and she was shown on TV every time the Bruins played.

Since her identity was unknown, Busted Coverage put out the bat signal and found out that the woman’s name is Lauralee McIntyre. According to Sports Masher, McIntyre is the girlfriend of UCLA right fielder Eric Filia.

Filia is a sophomore outfielder for the Bruins. He put together a stellar career at Edison (Huntington Beach) High School in Southern California and has become one of the top offensive players for the Bruins. He led the team with a .281 batting average and tied for the team lead with 14 doubles.

Filia had a 2-run single and stellar catch in right field in the first game of the CWS finals against Mississippi State:

Filia also went 2-for-3 with 5 RBIs in the Bruins’ Game 2 title-clinching win.

As best as we can tell, it looks like McIntyre transferred to UCLA in 2011 and graduated this spring.

Here’s a picture of the two together:

Eric Filia girlfriend Lauralee McIntyre

ESPN was not shy about showing McIntyre on camera throughout UCLA’s CWS run. Let’s take a look at the evolution.

Here’s McIntyre for UCLA’s second game of the CWS against NC State:

UCLA baseball girl Eric Filia

McIntyre for UCLA’s third game against UNC:

UCLA girlfriend Eric Filia Lauralee McIntyre

McIntyre getting camera time during Game 2 of the CWS finals:

UCLA baseball girl pink

And blowing a kiss to the camera:

UCLA Lauralee McIntyre

Filia actually drove in 7 of UCLA’s 11 runs in the two games against Mississippi State. Maybe McIntyre was his good-luck charm during the successful postseason run. Congratulations to the two on their relationship and congratulations to McIntyre on her graduation.

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Photo: Twitter/Carlos Guevara/ Twitter/Lionel Z

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