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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Former wrestler Jon Levi Miller suing opponent Clinton Woosley for fighting for real, causing him to lose testicle

Those of you who still believe wrestling is real like my buddy Will, look away. This story will change your life rather than entertain you. Former professional wrestler Jon Levi Miller is suing one of his past opponents. Miller, who is now 23 years old, claims Clinton Woosley –a.k.a. Guido Andretti — unexpectedly kicked him in the groin during a match last year, rupturing his testicle and forcing doctors to have to remove it. According to the Courier-Journal, Miller is also suing Coliseum Championship Wrestling and its owner, Sam Cosby.

The suit said that Miller, 23, was designated in advance by Cosby to win the match and that Woosley was designated as the “heel” or loser.

When Miller tried to “coordinate the match with Woosley as is the custom in the industry” before the two entered the ring, Woosley didn’t react in the normal way by discussing the choreography. Instead, Woosley indicated he understood the plan and told Miller “it would be OK,” the complaint said.

But Woosley decided to try to win by kicking Miller. Miller went down and the match was called when he couldn’t proceed, according to the suit.

Not cool. Miller underwent surgery the next day and doctors had to remove his testicle. Cosby claims Miller never indicated he was hurt and finished the match, winning it as scheduled. So let me get this straight: One guy claims he was in such pain that the match was called and another guy claims the match was completed as scheduled. Isn’t there some sort of tape that can be cued up or witnesses that were in attendance? This can’t be that difficult of a case to solve.

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