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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stories by Steve DelVecchio:

Sean McVay has great reaction to question about Brandin Cooks trade

Sean McVay Rams

The Los Angeles Rams made one of the biggest trades of the offseason when they sent their first-round pick to the New England Patriots for Brandin Cooks, and it is clear Sean McVay doesn’t have a hint of buyer’s remorse over the deal.

On Tuesday, a reporter asked McVay how difficult it was to part with the No. 23 overall pick in the NFL Draft to acquire Cooks. The second-year coach had a great response.

McVay has a point. First-round picks hold a lot of value in football, but the odds of whiffing are pretty high. In Cooks, the Rams get a 24-year-old star receiver who has already proven he can succeed in two different passing offenses, posting three straight 1,000-yard seasons in New Orleans and New England. He has also averaged eight touchdown receptions over the past three years.

Teams are often hesitant to part with first-round picks for any position player other than a quarterback, but the Rams took a huge step forward on offense last season. Jared Goff has already shown his excitement with L.A. signing another key player, and you can bet he was even more thrilled that the Rams pulled the trigger on trading for Cooks.

Plaxico Burress reportedly in danger of having home foreclosed on

Plaxico Burress has had some problems with money since he retired from playing in the NFL, and it appears the financial troubles are still ongoing for the former New York Giants receiver.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a home Burress and his wife Tiffany own in New Jersey is currently in foreclosure. The couple bought the 5,500 square foot home back in 2005, and they have not made any mortgage payments since July 2017. The bank is now demanding that Plaxico and Tiffany pay off the $700,000 they owe on the $1.5 million home or the property will be seized.

As TMZ notes, Burress made nearly $30 million during his 12 seasons in the NFL. He is currently working as a coaching intern with the Arizona Cardinals, though it’s unclear how much the team is paying him.

Three years ago, Burress was facing jail time over some serious state income tax issues. He ended up paying that money back and avoided further penalty. Prior to that, the 40-year-old had his driver’s license suspended in 2013 after he refused to pay a judgment that stemmed from a car accident. The Super Bowl champion has a long history with bouncing checks, being a terrible driver and failing to pay taxes and fines.

Chris Harris explains why Broncos should not take QB at No. 5

The Denver Broncos secured their starting quarterback for the 2018 season when they signed Case Keenum, and veteran defensive back Chris Harris believes that means they do not need to address the position early in the NFL Draft.

With a draft class that most feel is loaded with solid QB prospects, there’s a decent chance John Elway could look to snag his signal-caller of the future with the No. 5 overall pick. Harris thinks that would be a mistake.

The Broncos still have a solid defense even after they lost Aqib Talib, and they have seemingly been a good quarterback away from contention over the past two seasons. Now that they’ve secured one in free agency, it makes sense that veteran players would rather the team address other needs early in the draft.

Elway may have hinted at his draft plans recently, though the Hall of Famer probably wants to wait to see who is available before he makes any decisions. If a QB he’s high on slips to No. 5, Elway may end up disappointing Harris and others.

Andrew Luck not throwing football at Colts minicamp

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck was back on the practice field when the Indianapolis Colts kicked off their three-day voluntary minicamp on Tuesday, but fans are still going to have to be patient if they want to see him throwing a football.

Luck joined his teammates and wore a helmet like everyone else, but he did no throwing of any kind.

Luck confirmed earlier this month that he still has not resumed throwing NFL-sized footballs as he continues to rehab from shoulder surgery he had last offseason. The star quarterback insists he has been encouraged with his progress, but there has still been some mixed information coming out of Indy over the past several weeks.

Given the way last season unfolded, you can’t blame Colts fans for being anxious until they see Luck practicing in full.

Toledo says it will change mascot to ‘Shrek’ with 500K retweets

There are a lot of very lame and questionable mascots in college athletics, but the University of Toledo does not have one of them. There’s nothing wrong with a team being called the Rockets, yet the school is willing to make a very drastic change in exchange for a ton of social media activity.

Unless, of course, someone is playing a prank.

On Tuesday, the official Twitter account for the University of Toledo tweeted a photo of “Shrek” and said the famous DreamWorks character will become the school’s new mascot if the tweet gets 500,000 retweets.

Would they actually do it? I guess we’ll see. The tweet had not yet hit 25,000 retweets at the time this post was published, so there is a long way to go. But, hey, we’ve seen stranger promises made on social media that ended up being kept. Let’s all do our part by retweeting and making Toledo follow through on a very big mistake.

Pat Shurmur: Odell Beckham will ‘definitely’ be with Giants in 2018

Odell Beckham crying

The New York Giants are apparently no longer looking to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

On Tuesday, Beckham showed up for the start of the team’s three-day voluntary minicamp. That was another positive sign after he also attended the start of voluntary workouts earlier this month, and new Giants head coach Pat Shurmur did his best to squash any trade rumors that might still be floating around.

We can assume Beckham still wants a long-term contract extension, but he is obviously doing everything he can to maintain an amicable relationship with the team. Plus, a trade seemed unlikely all along given how much the Giants reportedly wanted in return.

Beckham, who is still recovering from a season-ending ankle injury he suffered last year, should be excited about playing under Shurmur. The former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator helped turn Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen into one of the best wide receiver duos in football last season, so he should be able to create plenty of opportunities for a player of Beckham’s caliber.

Jeff Garcia embarrassed after Bucs ask him to announce draft pick they don’t have

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia has been given the honor of announcing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ third-round selection at the draft this weekend, but there could be one problem — the Bucs don’t have a third-round pick.

Garcia wrote on Twitter Monday night that he is honored the Bucs asked him to present the pick.

However, the Bucs traded their third-round pick to the New York Giants as part of the Jason Pierre-Paul deal. When a local reporter pointed that out, Garcia became very salty and said he doesn’t pay attention to his former team’s draft and “could care less” who they are picking anyway.

Seemingly realizing that he came across as a jerk, Garcia apologized on Tuesday morning but admitted it was “a bit of an embarrassment” that the Bucs asked him to announce a draft pick they don’t have.

Garcia spent two seasons in Tampa and reached the Pro Bowl as a member of the team in 2007. The Bucs have already created quite the buzz over the way they plan to announce some draft picks, but they probably didn’t intend for the Garcia situation to turn into this much of a mess. If he’s still willing to announce a pick, the team can probably find one for him.

Allen Iverson is tired of Kobe Bryant being left out of the all-time greatest debate

Allen Iverson

Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson had a number of entertaining duels during their playing careers, but the mutual respect between the two is very real. For evidence of that, look no further than the recent remarks Iverson made about the never-ending “greatest of all time” discussion.

In an interview with UNGUARDED, Iverson seemed downright irritated that the GOAT discussion always revolves around Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The former Philadelphia 76ers star doesn’t understand why Kobe is always overlooked.

“What bothers me is, when they do talk about it — LeBron is great, first of all. When they talk about comparing him to (Jordan), I don’t understand how they don’t add a debate when it comes to Kobe,” Iverson said. “I don’t get it. What, they forgot or something? I really think they forgot the Mamba, man … certified serial killer, man.”

If you want to go by championships, Jordan has six, Bryant has five and James three. LeBron could certainly win another title or two before he retires, but is it fair that Kobe’s rings are viewed as less impressive because he played with Shaquille O’Neal? He did win two without Shaq, after all.

Kobe and Shaq infamously did not get along during their time with the Lakers, which is why the comments Shaq has made about Kobe vs. LeBron should hold even more weight. Iverson and Shaq obviously share the same thoughts on the subject.

H/T Philly Voice

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