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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Derek Jeter Skipping All-Star Game Because of Exhaustion: Right or Wrong?

For those of you who have not heard, Derek Jeter is passing on the All-Star Game.  The 37-year-old likely Hall of Famer was voted in as the starting shortstop by the fans because of popularity, not performance.  According to FoxSports.com, Jeter has chosen to skip the Midsummer Classic due to “emotional and physical exhaustion from his pursuit of 3,000 hits.”  Our question for you is simply this: Is there anything wrong with Jeter’s decision?

On the one hand, we don’t think Jeter’s absence is a big deal because, frankly, he doesn’t deserve to be there anyway.  If you are a believer in on-field performance having the most weight on an All-Star selection, you probably don’t think Jeter belongs in Arizona.  In that sense, it’s nice that a player who is more deserving will get a shot to play.

On the other hand, Jeter only made the All-Star roster because of the fans, so you could certainly argue he owes it to them to make an appearance.  What if Derek’s first half performance in 2012 is even worse than his 2011 start and the fans decide to leave him off the ballot?  Skipping the final All-Star Game of his career because of “exhaustion” would not be a picturesque way of going out.

Regardless of which side of the argument you find yourself on, Jeter’s excuse proves even further that he is aging quickly — despite what the Yankees may believe.  Approaching and eclipsing the 3,000 career hit mark (get your DJ 3-K gear here!) was undoubtedly a taxing experience, but anyone who uses being tired as an excuse to stay home in the middle of the season obviously has some miles on their body.

Let us know what you think, LBS readers.  Derek Jeter’s decision: well-deserved or messed up?

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