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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jerry Seinfeld Named New Dog Jose so He Would Still Have One After Reyes Leaves

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld joked about the Mets losing free agent Jose Reyes in a way that only he can. During an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday, Seinfeld said he named his family’s new dachshund Jose after the Mets shortstop.

“You want to know why the dog is named Jose?” Seinfeld asked Letterman. “The dog is named Jose because I feel like we may lose Jose Reyes, and we’re trying to keep a Jose. Because I’m a Met fan. It’s actually my wife’s idea, which is why I love my wife — she comes up with ideas like this. That’s a marriage right there, a wife that says, ‘Let’s name a dog after the Mets’ outgoing shortstop.’ That keeps the love alive.”

Ooph, way to rub that one in, huh? Things must not be too great for Seinfeld and the Mets. Not only does he lose Keith Hernandez to Elaine, but now he’s seeing the team’s payroll decrease and the impending loss of their best player. Only another Lady Gaga sighting would make matters worse for Jerry.

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