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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jose Canseco wants ex-wife Jessica, Alex Rodriguez to take polygraph

Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco is determined to prove that his claims about Alex Rodriguez cheating on his fiancee Jennifer Lopez are true, and he thinks everyone involved should submit to a polygraph test if they have nothing to hide.

Canseco, widely known as the biggest snitch in MLB history, took to Twitter over the weekend to accuse A-Rod of cheating on J-Lo with Jose’s ex-wife, Jessica Canseco. On Tuesday, Jessica said she is friends with both Rodriguez and Lopez and mocked Canseco over the “false accusations.”

Of course, Canseco isn’t going to let it go. In another series of tweets on Wednesday, he urged his ex and A-Rod to take a polygraph test.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Whether Canseco is telling the truth or not, no one takes him seriously. He’s always going on incoherent social media rants and even challenged A-Rod to a fight while making his initial cheating allegations. He also talked about Rodriguez using PEDs in his second book that came out years ago, so there is already bad blood between the two.

J-Lo likely isn’t going to put a lot of stock into something Canseco says, though A-Rod does have a history that involves cheating. A-Rod and J-Lo probably would have preferred to ignore Canseco altogether, but Jessica’s denial riled him up even further.

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