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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kevin Durant Plays IM Flag Football Game, Gets Challenged by LeBron

Kevin Durant continued to make awesome use of his time off during the lockout by playing in an intramural flag football game at Oklahoma State University Monday. He talked about having such a good time, that LeBron James was jealous and challenged him to a game.

Durant said he was bored and looking to play in a flag football game in Oklahoma City Monday. He was invited to a game in Stillwater and actually showed up to play in a game at Oklahoma State University. Durant bragged about throwing for four touchdowns and grabbing three interceptions on defense. Here’s a video of Durant playing, along with the story of how it unfolded:

After hearing about all the fun Durant had, LeBron tweeted at him to say he wanted in. “I need that invite next time! That’s really my sport!” LeBron wrote to Durant.

Durant responded, “I got u bro! But I’ll lock u up, I had 3 picks.”

Next thing you know, LeBron was challenging Durant to a flag football game between Team King James and Team KD35 — something Durant accepted.

I hope they make it happen finally. We’ve heard so much from LeBron about playing football, it would be nice to see him finally play a game so he can get it out of his system.

As for Durant, between this and playing at Rucker Park, his cool points are surging. This is probably the best random stunt by an athlete since Brandon Phillips.

Here are some more pictures from his time at OSU (all photos on top row courtesy KT King):

Picture at top via @CowboysFan3181

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