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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mark Cuban Would Tank Games in Certain Situations

I hope he’s not going to get mad at me for using that headline, but I’m trying to be fair given what he shared on the radio. If I were going for the entirely sensational headline, I would have just said “Mark Cuban would tank games.” Mind you however, that when Cuban joined Michael Irvin and Mike Fisher on FOX Sports Radio, he said he would tank games in certain circumstances:

Irvin: I can dance with you all day right there, it sounds like you’re saying I’d rather just tank a couple games, but I won’t even go there Mark, let’s move on.

Cuban: I’ll be the first to admit Michael, I would tank a lot of games.

Irvin: You would tank games? Mark wait, you would tank games to get the first pick in the draft?

Cuban: Yes, yes see it depends on where you are.

The depends on where you are has to deal with the recent history of your franchise, Cuban went on to say. For instance, Cuban argued (and I agree), that having a team stuck around 40 wins each year is the worst position a franchise can be in. Stuck on 40 wins means you’re not good enough to go far in the playoffs, and you’re not bad enough to get a great player in the lottery. So Cuban said that if his team were stuck around that area, he would want them to get better in the lottery — essentially by tanking playing younger players. Only problem … look what happened to Boston.

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