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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Michael Beasley has some interesting thoughts on the human brain

Michael Beasley does a lot of thinking about a lot of interesting things, man.

For evidence of that, look no further that a conversation he had with SNY’s Taylor Rooks for her podcast “Timeout with Taylor Rooks” this week. It has been said that humans are only capable of using 10 percent of their brains at any given moment. That is a topic that has been widely debated, but never in quite the same fashion that Beasley debated it with Rooks.

Since we can’t really explain Beasley’s theory about the human brain as well as he can (or at all, for that matter), here’s the clip:

As you might imagine, the entire podcast is worth listening to.

Now, remember, this is the same Michael Beasley that once needed medical treatment after punching himself in the head during a game. He also has a long history with the reefer, which fans have enjoyed reminding him of.

All that said, maybe Michael is onto something. Since I’m fairly confident I’m one of those people that can only use 10 percent of his brain, I wouldn’t really know.

H/T LBS reader Scott C.

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