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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Tom Brady part of Celtics meeting with Kevin Durant

Tom Brady

The Boston Celtics are bringing the star power in for their meeting with Kevin Durant.

The Celtics have sent a delegation to the Hamptons for their meeting with Durant, and spotted walking with Danny Ainge, Kelly Olynyk and co. was a very familiar face – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Yeah, the Celtics are bringing the heavy artillery here. If Durant wants championships, though, who better to pitch Boston to him than Brady? He and Ainge can wave their rings around and give KD something to think about.

At least one NBA executive isn’t impressed.

Of course, the Celtics aren’t the only team resorting to star power. Justin Timberlake was part of Memphis’s recruitment of Chandler Parsons.

Durant has been characterized as likely to stay with Oklahoma City. Can Touchdown Tom change his mind? Maybe, but probably not.

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