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Monday, June 18, 2018

Conor McGregor trolls Floyd Mayweather on Twitter, Instagram

Conor McGregor

The same day that buzz circulated about a potential Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight being close to happening, the UFC star decided to troll his boxing counterpart.

McGregor sent this tweet on Tuesday evening saying he was in Las Vegas and that Mayweather “retired” upon his arrival:

He posted the same thing on Instagram. That seems to be his way of saying Mayweather is scared of him. It’s also a troll job of Mayweather because Floyd took a similar photo years ago.

A report on Tuesday said that a fight between the men had been agreed upon, but there was one holdup. A follow-up report said the fight was “very close” to happening.

Naturally, as is Mayweather’s habit, he feeds the buzz and gets everyone hyped for a fight, and then he throws cold water on all the rumors (seen here).

One serious roadblock for a fight between them is McGregor’s contract with the UFC. UFC boss Dana White said that a fight is not even close to happening between McGregor and the undefeated but retired boxer.

While some could interpret McGregor’s presence in Las Vegas as even bigger of a sign that he is ready for a fight with Mayweather, he is actually there for his appeal of a water bottle incident before UFC 202 that resulted in a fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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