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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Floyd Mayweather has pet tiger, goes full Mike Tyson

Floyd Mayweather tiger

You can now welcome Floyd Mayweather to the world of exotic pet ownership.

Mayweather took a trip to Russia this week and apparently received quite the gift. He announced on Instagram that his new friends in Russia gifted him a two-month-old Indian tiger.

Ordinarily we’d be concerned about the direction of an athlete’s money management when they go into the rarefied field of tiger ownership, but this appears to be a gift (and a sweet one at that), so Mayweather hasn’t completely lost his mind. Just remember that the moment it all started to go south for Mike Tyson was when he bought three Bengal tigers, which reportedly cost him $4,000 a month to maintain.

We know you have tons and tons of money, Floyd, but be careful: this is where it all starts.

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