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Monday, May 25, 2020

Alabama fans survive plane crash, make it in time for kickoff against Ole Miss

If your plane crashed on the way to a college football game and you survived, would you make sure you were still able to get there by kickoff? If you answered “no” to that question, you probably aren’t an SEC fan. If you’re anything like the four men whose plane went down on their way to the Alabama-Ole Miss game on Saturday, you wouldn’t have missed a minute of the action.

On Monday, NBC 15 TV in Mobile, Ala. shared the story of four friends who cheated death on their way to Tuscaloosa this past weekend when one of the engines from their small plane stopped working. They were 20 miles from the airport when the other engine started sputtering and Captain George Arnold, the plane’s pilot, had to make an emergency landing on a dirt road.

“I really thought we weren’t going to make it for a while,” Auburn graduate John White-Spunner, one of the plane’s passengers, recalled. “I’m ready to be with the Lord, but I’ve got a lot of family and stuff. I’m thinking, we’re probably getting ready to die.”

The men avoided both death and injury after the plane clipped a couple of trees on its way down before Capt. Arnold was able to steady it onto the dirt road and cruise into a cotton field. The men emerged from the plane alive and well.

“We got in a circle, and got on our knees and said a prayer to Jesus,” Arnold said. “It was really a miracle.”

Once they gathered themselves, the four men did what only Tide fans would do — caught a ride to Montgomery, rented a car and made it to the stadium in time for kickoff. And the Bama fans that hung this sign over the highway thought they were hardcore? Take note, Alabama teabagger — this is how real fans roll (Tide).

H/T Eye on College Football

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