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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Memphis Student Brandon Transou Claims He Had Jaw, Nose Broken by Football Players in Brutal Attack

Memphis student Brandon Transou (pictured) is in the hospital and being treated for a broken nose and jaw suffered when he was attacked by a large group of men, WREG reports.

The school’s police chief says his department is currently investigating the attack that allegedly took place outside a campus rec center. Here’s what they say happened:

Transou’s mother claims her son was attacked on campus outside the Rec Center by a group of 25 men. “Some guys, the football team had jumped him over a basketball game,” said Transou’s mother Teresa McFarland

“Next thing they knew, they say they started jumping him, my son was kicked in the face, one of his friend’s ear was bitten off,” said McFarland.

Obviously we have no idea what went on, but that’s pretty disgusting that someone would bite a person’s ear off. And I have a difficult time imagining what could have been done or said to inspire such a beating. That’s just messed up.

For additional background, Transou played high school football in Jackson, Tenn. and was hoping to play college football.

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