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Monday, February 18, 2019

Your Chance to Own Tiger’s Apple Core

Hey look, I was fascinated by Tiger Woods coming out of a porto potty. It just gets me every time. That dude really does those things just like us? Given the reaction people had over Tiger coming out of a restroom, it’s no surprise that the bidding on a half-eaten apple by Tiger Woods is getting some serious play on Ebay. These bids are getting seriously out of hand, ringing in at $36k at last check. And check out the description of the item:

I was at the US Open this Friday, following Tiger Woods down the 12 th Fairway, after his tee shot, he was eating an apple, 30 yards from his ball he discarded his apple core in the rough, I asked a photothe to kick it over my way, and he did, I never touched the core, Scooped it up in a empty beer cup, as not to disrupt the DNA, Ive got lots of witness’…all moneys go to my daughters college fund

I really would like to meet the people that spend this type of cash on items like that. Come on, who buys Jack Lambert’s used cigarette, or Luis Gonzalez’s chewed gum? I guess it’s the same people that spend 7 grand for their kid to meet David Beckham as a birthday present. Ridiculous.

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