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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Brendon Ayanbadejo Says the Two Best Teams Are Not in the Super Bowl, Calls Joe Flacco a ‘Nobody’ and More

Nothing brings out a sore loser quite like Twitter.  Before Twitter, we had to rely on players flapping their gums at the media in order to get a disrespectful quote or two after a loss.  As we have learned over the years, typing things on your Twitter account seems to be a lot easier than actually saying them.  While even the loudest of loud mouths like Terrell Suggs have been giving the opposition the credit they deserve, Baltimore linebacker Bredon Ayanbadejo took to Twitter on Monday and went on a rampage that is still ongoing as I type this.  Here are some of his most memorable tweets thus far:

What does the Patriots’ schedule have to do with Sunday’s game? Timing is everything.  If the 2007 Giants played the 2007 Patriots, New England might win nine out of 10 times.  All that matters is being the best team on the most important day.  Sunday was the most important day of the year for all four teams in the conference championships, and the Patriots and Giants did enough to advance.  The Ravens and Niners could not.  Whether they are the most talented and balanced teams or not is completely irrelevant.  Crying just makes you look bad.

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