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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Favre’s Agent: Brett’s a Drama Queen

Think we’re the only ones who are sick of Brett Favre‘s annual off-season charade? Think again.  We already told you Larry Fitzgerald’s opinion about whether or not Favre plays next year.  Even his agent, Bus Cook, wishes the quarterback would make up his mind and stop flip-flopping every year for attention. Whether he was speaking sarcastically or not, Cook gave a hilarious interview with Men’s Journal about Favre’s indecisiveness, during which he called him a “drama queen.” Here’s what Cook told Men’s Journal, courtesy of ProFootballTalk:

Brett talked to goddamned Ed Werder at ESPN, says he needs ankle surgery. Now why did he do that?” Cook asked. “I’ve got [Brad] Childress calling. I’ve got reporters calling all damn morning. Goddammit, why does he have to be such a goddamned drama queen? Play, don’t play, goddamn, people are getting sick of it. I’m getting sick of it!”

“Why does he have to talk to these people? What good does it do? Ed Werder at ESPN! What’s he ever done for anybody other than say, ‘Look, look, Mommy, I got this first, ain’t I special?’ You got problems with surgery, talk to your wife. Why talk to goddamned Ed Werder?”

Your own agent, Brett? The man who is responsible for upholding your image and bringing in the big bucks? Now I wouldn’t say “drama queen” is as insulting as calling his home state a cesspool, but it’s phenomenal stuff none the less. Too bad it doesn’t seem to bother Favre, as he has continued pulling the same act for over three years. Oh yeah, and Cook has no problem saying it to Brett’s face either. Here’s what he said during the interview when Favre walked in and offered an apology:

Jesus, Brett. You never learn. You guys go talk. I’ve got goddamn phone calls to make,” before poking a finger at Favre. “Thanks to you.”

Bus Cook is without question my new favorite sports agent.

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