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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Actor Josh Duhamel goes after Merril Hoge over Tim Tebow criticism

josh-duhamelWhatever happens to Tim Tebow in the NFL, at least we know he has some powerful people in his corner.

Tebow has been facing criticism this week for pretty much the first time this season. The criticism stems from a report saying Tebow told the Jets he didn’t want to participate in the team’s Wildcat offensive package prior to the Week 16 game against the Chargers. Tebow has denied the report, but his comments come a few days too late.

Tebow was ripped on Monday by ESPN analyst Merril Hoge who called the New York quarterback a “phony.” That sort of a personal attack didn’t sit well with actor Josh Duhamel, who went after Hoge in response.


As much as I dislike Hoge as an analyst, in the interest of fairness, it must be pointed out that Hoge is much more accomplished as an NFL player than Tebow. Hoge played eight years as a fullback in the NFL — seven for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tebow has been in the league three seasons, but really only played in one of them.

But, yeah, I really do wonder why Hoge dislikes Tebow so much. The criticism seems personal.

This story really shows the reach of Tim Tebow. Who knew he had a backer in Josh Duhamel? How does that happen? Maybe Duhamel connects with Tebow on a religious level. Or maybe Duhamel, who played quarterback in college, is a Tebow fan. Or maybe this is the benefit of Tebow going Hollywood over the summer when he signed with a new agency. Whatever the case, we sure know Tebow has friends in high places.

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