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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Patriots and Dolphins Are Making it a Dream Season

This could go down as the greatest season in the history of the NFL. As we stand, the Patriots are 13-0, three short weeks away from perfection. The Miami Dolphins are 0-13, also three short weeks away from perfection. With New England, you saw them rout a formidable Steelers opponent, even shutting Pittsburgh out in the second half. New England’s offense is dominant, and they’ve already survived a scare they should have lost — Monday night to Baltimore. The Dolphins got creamed by the Bills, and looked like a Pop Warner team in the process. They were so desperate to compete, they pulled rookie John Beck and went with Cleo Lemon. I felt they went to the rookie too early in the season to begin with — making that choice kept them farther away from winning. If they continue to go with Beck, they have an excellent chance to do the unthinkable.

So, imagine this, come week 17, we could be looking at a pair of teams to run the table, only in opposite direction. Would that not be the greatest season of all-time? Do you comprehend the magnitude of these milestone achievements? Never in the history of the game has a team gone 16-0 in the regular season. The ’72 Dolphins were 14-0. Never in the history of the game has a team gone 0-16 in the regular season. The ’76 Bucs were 0-14, the 1980 Saints were 0-14 and finished 1-15. Both the Pats and Fins are staring history in the face. When the challenge arises, will they be able to focus on their mission ahead and achieve their goals? I sure hope so, because I am a fan of the game, and I would love to see history made twice in the same season.

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