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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Peyton Manning ‘Omaha’ call explained by Reggie Wayne

Peyton Manning

There has been far less hype about Peyton Manning’s “Omaha!” pre-snap call this season with the Broncos quarterback having missed several games, but one of his former teammates took some time to explain what it means on Sunday morning.

Reggie Wayne, who played 10 seasons with Manning in Indianapolis, spoke about the topic with the NFL Network crew.

“Omaha means he’s going the other way,” Wayne said. “If there’s a run to the right, Omaha is going to be a run left.”

Wayne immediately caught grief for giving away Manning’s secret, but even if “Omaha” does mean the direction of the play is changing that does not mean the defense knows which way the play was supposed to go in the first place. Wayne also said that he “promises” Manning will use “Omaha” for a different reason in the AFC Championship Game.

The only explanation we have ever gotten for what “Omaha” means prior to Sunday came from Manning himself, and all he did was confuse everyone even more. That only adds to the hype and ridiculousness, which has even been showcased on signs inside airports. As long as Bill Belichick doesn’t know what “Omaha” means, Manning should be OK.

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