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Friday, June 5, 2020

Ex-Rams QB Jim Everett blasts Todd Gurley for airing bonus grievance on Twitter

Todd Gurley

The Los Angeles Rams still owe Todd Gurley a large sum of money even after releasing him, and the star running back made that known publicly with a post on social media Sunday night. Former Rams quarterback Jim Everett found that move extremely unprofessional.

Gurley wrote on Twitter that the Rams are “past due” and asked them to send him his $7.55 million roster bonus ASAP. He also shared a funny meme on Instagram to make light of the situation. Everett did not see the humor in it, and he blasted Gurley for airing his grievances on social media.

For what it’s worth, Gurley apparently is not the only former Rams player who is owed money by the team. Free agent linebacker Clay Matthews indicated he is in the same boat.

Gurley will almost certainly get his money at some point, but the fact that he put the Rams on blast could indicate his relationship with his former team is not in the best place. It makes sense that L.A. cut ties with him given all the injury concerns, but guaranteed money is guaranteed money.

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