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Monday, October 21, 2019

Reason why Cam Newton was flying coach back from France revealed

Cam Newton

Cam Newton was in all likelihood the wealthiest person flying coach from Paris to the United States last week, but he has no one to blame but himself for getting stuck without extra legroom.

On Friday, a video shared on Twitter claimed to show Newton offering a man $1,500 to switch seats with him on his flight back from France so he could have extra legroom. The offer was rejected, and Newton appeared to be in disbelief. But why was he flying coach in the first place? According to Andy Slater, the Panthers quarterback missed his flight and the only way he could get back to Charlotte that day was with a coach seat on a flight that stopped over in Dallas.

That explains it.

Even though Newton had to purchase a coach seat, he probably figured there was no way someone would turn down over $1,000 just to swap with him. He was wrong.

Newton was in Paris to attend Men’s Fashion Week, which seems like exactly the type of event he would be interested in given some of the fashion statements he has made at his postgame press conferences. It’s unclear what caused him to miss his flight, but hopefully his legs weren’t too cramped up.

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